From Quantum Photosynthesis to the Sentient Brain

Energy harvesting by photosynthesis in “brainless” plants and green algae is identified as the root non-trivially quantum process powering neural correlates of consciousness in humans and other “brainy” animals. Thermofield attributes of solar energy flow through the biosphere’s food chain are suggested as a “bottom up” mediator between quantum-coherent aspects of photosynthesis and emergent dynamical architectonics of transmembrane electrical potentials in neurons. This quantum-ecological approach to energetics of brain function as part of an open dissipative world system offers a segue, experimentally grounded by empirical evidence for photosynthetic coherence, into qualitatively gauged links between quantum tunneling and the Hard Problem of consciousness.  
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NeuroQuantology Issue December 2015, Volume 13, Issue 4

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Posted: 2015-12-30

NeuroQuantology Issue September 2015, Volume 13, Issue 3

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Posted: 2015-09-28

NeuroQuantology June 2015, Volume 13, Issue 2

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Posted: 2015-06-29

NeuroQuantology papers (2003-2012) now Open Access

NeuroQuantology journal has decided to make the journal available as open access to all readers. So, from 1 January 2003 to 2012 will be available from journal web site at no cost. We are delighted that there will now be unrestricted access, and look forward to welcoming new readers. Further, the journal will be truly open access, and there will be no submission charges for authors. NeuroQuantology has no source of financial support, so that in order to cover various costs we have moved in the past two years to selling the journal individually or on a subscription basis. However, we wanted the journal to reach everybody, and we sought a solution with the idea that if the full text was available only to a few subscribers, our influence and readership would be reduced. The solution that we came up with was that the previous two years’ issues of the journal would be available to subscribers only. All articles and issues older than that (that is all old issues of the previous ten years) would be available to everybody on a free access basis. In fact we even made 20-30% of newly-published issues and the articles in them freely available. We intend to continue with this system, and each issue will be made freely available to all after a period of about one and a half years. This is because we wish our articles to be freely accessed and read.  
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NeuroQuantology Issue, March 2015, Volume 13; 1

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Posted: 2015-03-30

From Non-Living Matter to Quantum Neurobiology and Psychopathology

The concepts of quantum brain, quantum mind and quantum consciousness have been increasingly gaining currency in recent years, both in scientific papers and in the popular press. In fact, the concept of the quantum brain is a general framework. Included in it are basically four main sub-headings. These are often incorrectly used interchangeably. The first of these and the one which started the quantum mind/consciousness debate was the place of consciousness in the problem of measurement in quantum mechanics. In this article, these topics will be reviewed in a general framework, and for the first time a general classification will be made for the quantum brain theory.  
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NeuroQuantology Issue, December 2014, Volume 12; 4

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Posted: 2014-12-28

NeuroQuantology Issue, September 2014, Volume 12; 3

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Posted: 2014-09-29

NeuroQuantology Issue, June 2014, Volume 12; 2

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Posted: 2014-06-19

Assigning DOI numbers to each of our articles published since 2003

We are now complying with CrossRef regulations and will add a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number to each of our articles published since 2003. What is a DOI? Similar to a bar code for a physical object, a DOI is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to a digital object, such as an electronic journal, article, report, or thesis. Each DOI is unique and serves as a stable, persistent link to the full-text of an electronic item on the Internet. Unlike a URL, a DOI doesn't change over time; even if the item moves to a new location, the DOI stays the same. After joining CrossRef, we have given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for journal as prefix: 10.14704. All published items in NeuroQuantology, including those in back articles (2003-2013) assigned a DOI number.  
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Conferences and Conclusions at the Year's Close


As we head towards the end of the year, it is a good time to reflect back on the most important stories and developments of the last twelve months, particularly in the light of the recent conference held by the Society for Neuroscience, which clearly demonstrated some of the ways in which the field is changing and growing. At the same time, our thoughts may also turn towards the year ahead and the new questions and breakthroughs that it may bring.
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NeuroQuantology December, 2013 Published

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Posted: 2013-12-14

From Photosynthesis and Magnetoception to Psychopathology, Free Will and Consciousness: Advances in Quantum Biology and Questions for the Future

Over the ten years that NeuroQuantology has been operating, significant strides have been made in advancing our understanding of quantum processes in the biological world, but despite these advances, many questions remain unanswered, particularly when it comes to NeuroQuantology (NeuroScience + QuantumPhysics) and the hard problem of consciousness, leaving many mysteries to be explored over the next ten years. The last decade has produced some significant work showing how quantum effects can occur in biological systems, with advances in three areas utilizing three of the key ideas from quantum physics having been particularly prominent in the media, although often with a certain amount of controversy.  
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NeuroQuantology September 30, 2013 Issue Published

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Posted: 2013-09-16

Quantum Link Between Photons That Don't Exist at the Same Time

Conventional entanglement links particles across space. Now physicists say a similar effect links particles through time. Physicists have long known that quantum mechanics allows for a subtle connection between quantum particles called entanglement, in which measuring one particle can instantly set the otherwise uncertain condition, or "state," of another particle—even if it's light years away. Now, experimenters in Israel have shown that they can entangle two photons that don't even exist at the same time.  
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NeuroQuantology has been selected for inclusion in Cabell's Directory

NeuroQuantology has been selected for inclusion in Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities. Published since 1978, Cabell's Directories encompass eleven subject-specific databases designed to assist professors and researchers in selecting journals which are compatible with the style and content of their manuscripts.  
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NeuroQuantology June 2013; Volume 11, Issue 2

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Posted: 2013-06-01

Ten Years of NeuroQuantology: A Long and Narrow Road

Journals, like people and other living things, undergo a biographical process. The first seeds of NeuroQuantology were sown in 2001 with a simple web page. In the beginning it didn’t even have a name, and it was introduced experimentally as “New approach to the consciousness”. What was this new approach? It was an approach that blended neuroscience and quantum physics to search with the help of quantum physics for answers to questions which neuroscience could not answer. Following the sowing of this first seed, the word NeuroQuantology was used for the first time in October 2001, and I became the father first of a journal and then of a potential new field of science.  
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Special Supplement: Everett’s Quantum Mechanics, 2013; Vol 11: No 1

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Posted: 2013-03-17

NeuroQuantology April 2013; Volume 11, Issue 1

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Posted: 2013-03-17

NeuroQuantology Most Popular Articles

Most popular articles...  
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Articles and Special Topics from Upcoming Issues

The following articles will appear in upcoming issues of NeuroQuantology.
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A Long Shadow over the Soul: Molecular and Quantum Approaches to Psychopathology. An Interdisciplinary Dialog with Psychiatrists. Fano – Italy, March 2012

From 29th to 31st March 2012, will be held in Fano, in the meeting room of the Pastoral Center, Via Roma, 118-Fano, Italy, a major conference on the theme: A Long Shadow over the Soul.  
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Physics, Mysticism, Postmodern Craze, and the Latest Fashions: How Physics Is Reflected in Society and Social Life

Physics today is divided into two fields, a separation which concerns size. The first is classical physics. This kind of physics examines matter macroscopically, and has been remarkably successful in explaining macroscopic events and has even attained an iconic status of reliability.  
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Ten Years of NeuroQuantology: A Long and Narrow Road

Journals, like people and other living things, undergo a biographical process. The first seeds of NeuroQuantology were sown in 2001 with a simple web page. In the beginning it didn’t even have a name, and it was introduced experimentally as “New approach to the consciousness”. What was this new approach?  
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Scientists Store Photon Patterns and Retrieve Them From the Same Space Days Later

Reports of discernable visual patterns of people and events within a space when they are no longer present days later have intrigued scientists for centuries.  
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Classical and "Quantum-like" Views of the Genetic Code

The origin and the structure of the genetic code of Earth’s living organisms is still a big challenge for Science, with many unanswered questions as for example its “degeneracy”. Since about two decades, its study has attracted many researchers throughout the World, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and others with extremely various and prolific approaches.  
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Pioneers Who Have Changed the Face of Science and Those That Have Been Mentored By Them

We are delighted to present this special edition on “Pioneers Who Have Changed the Face of Science and Those That Have Been Mentored by Them”. This edition has been especially an honor to be involved with since it includes many articles from pioneers themselves, as well as those taking a moment to reflect and to give thanks and gratitude to those they have been mentored by.  
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First Impact Factor for NeuroQuantology Journal

We are pleased to announce that the NeuroQuantology first impact factor has been calculated as 0.697 for the last two years. Real Time IF Analysis  
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Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness

We are pleased to present this special edition on Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness. This edition includes a broad array of articles from well-known authors in the field, as well as graduate students whose work also addresses topics such as anomalous experiences of mediums and advanced meditators, shamanic experiences, near-death experiences, experiences related to dreams and body wisdom, and the various ways that anomalous experiences can be conceptualized and categorized.  
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Experimental NeuroTheology: Current Concepts and Future Research

The quantification of the velocity of the nerve “impulse” during the late 19th century challenged the ethereal concept that thought was beyond measurement and description. A century later, modern measurements of brain activity have revealed discrete, reliable, and predictable changes in metabolic and electromagnetic activity within cerebral regions during mystical and religious experiences.  
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NeuroQuantology in The Science Citation Index

NeuroQuantology Journal Accepted (January, 2008) to The Science Citation Index Expanded, available as the ISI Web of Science, Neuroscience Citation Index.  
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Disagree? Agree? Have a Question? Have an Answer? Do you enjoy writing? Do you think you can do better?

Respond to an article in NeuroQuantology through our online COMMENT system. Access specific article on which you would like to comment. After the log in, click on “Add comment” in the right bar. Enter contact information and upload your Comment. If any paper has caught your attention this month, write a comment on it and send it to NeuroQuantology.  
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Quantum Paradigms of Psychopathology

A new window into the nature of mental illness may have opened with the recent publication of an on-line symposium entitled "Quantum Paradigms of Psychopathology" (QPP), which appeared in March of this year as a special issue of the NeuroQuantology.  
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