: Scientists Store Photon Patterns and Retrieve Them From the Same Space Days Later

Reports of discernable visual patterns of people and events within a space when they are no longer present days later have intrigued scientists for centuries. Michael Persinger and Blake Dotta from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada exposed two separate spaces to the same rotating magnetic fields with specifically changing angular velocities while photons were elicited from two simultaneous chemoluminescent reactions in those spaces. The photon bursts from different durations between the injections were recorded with a photomultiplier tube. Up to at least three days later the same temporal patterns of photon emissions occurred in those spaces when the same configurations of magnetic fields were applied even without the initiation of the chemical reactions. Convergence of quantitative measurements indicate that photons emitted from a human body could be ‘stored” under specific conditions within the geomagnetic field or the space it occupies for days after the person was no longer present.

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