DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.5.1270

Water Disaster Risk Perception and Behavior Strategy Analysis Based on the Neurology of Consciousness

Qi Liu, Dianwu Wang


At present, our country is in a period of high incidence of emergencies. Various types of disasters cause heavy casualties and huge economic, and expose the victims to extreme psychological shadows, bringing great emergency relief and management work. With the further development of economy and society, it is necessary to strengthen preventive measures against various risks. In this study, field research on individuals to understand the risk of flood risk perception is conducive to government departments, which helps to grasp people's perception of water risk and correctness, and can help government departments to develop relevant disaster risk prevention. In this paper, firstly, the research status of disaster risk and disaster risk perception has systematically expounded. Based on the theory of disaster risk perception, the concept and the characteristics of disaster risk have deeply discussed by combining the Electroencephalography (EEG) technology of consciousness neurology. This paper systematically analyzes the public perception of disasters, the possibility of disasters, the impact of disasters, the degree of disaster control, and the degree of disasters accepted. Using EEG and other statistical software, a structural model of disaster risk perception is obtained, which further explains the differences in perceptions of different individuals on disaster risks and thus summarizes the influencing factors of people's perception.


Water Disaster Risk Perception, Behavior Strategy Analysis, Neurology of Consciousness

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