DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1603

Characteristics of Cerebral Cortical Reaction of Table Tennis Players in the Vision-Space Selection Response Task

Delin Yang


This paper aims to know about the table tennis players' specific brain regions by studying the different brain regions involved in different experimental tasks. The experiment is designed as a 2×2 two-factor mixed experiment. The task of the experiment is to a selection response task, that is to say, to distinguish whether the stimuli is a target one and select different responses according to the type of target stimuli. There is no significant effect among the main effect of the group, the main effect of the stimulation type and the interaction effect of the groups and the stimulation type. The table tennis player' nerve efficiency shows the characteristic of mobility under certain conditions. It is shown that table tennis players possess a higher neurological efficiency in the cognitive-processing of general visual-spatial stimulation under the conditions of moderate and high central resource consumption.


Table Tennis Players, Cerebral Cortex, Response

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