DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1633

Relationship between Athletes' Mental State and Brain Coordination before Competitions

Bin Liu


The aim of the paper is to find suitable ways to reflect the changes of athletes' mental state before competition. Athletes were selected as subjects, and the subjects were statistically analyzed. The results show that although the coordination level of both the left and the right brain declines, the synergistic fluctuations of the left frontal lobe and the right frontal lobe are different. This suggests that under the external stress condition, the left and right parts of the frontal lobe are more stable. According to the comparison of the good group and the general group, the conclusion is that the coordination level of the good group was lower than that of the general group one week before and after the game, but before the game, the coordination level of the left and right brain of the athletes in the good group was always higher than that of the general group.


Athletes, Pre-competition Psychology, Brain Coordination

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