DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1634

Neu-Efficiency of Table Tennis Player in the Cognitive Task with Central Resource Consumption

Yucheng Zhou


This paper aims to explore latency period and amplitude of different ERP components in various brain regions of table tennis athlete (TTA) within every time horizon. There are two Blocks a (notch circle) and b (notch star) as stimuli to subjects in the formal experiment, by which we can obtain the results from the responses of the subjects to the targets. In the discrimination response to the notch circle, the parietal and occipital regions in athletes’ cephalosome have neural frequencies lower than that in nonathletes. It is concluded that when the consumption level of central resources is moderate, athletes and non-athletes have distinctive neural efficiencies under the stimulus condition of the notch circle in the sport events that are highly correlated with table tennis.


Athletes, Nervous Centralis, Neural Efficiency

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