DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1670

Influences of Value Perception on Farmers’ Technology Adoption Tendency and Conditional Response-Based on the Micro Data of 338 Farmers

Zhengsong Yu, Xiaojian Li, Erling Li, Yeqing Cheng, Junhui Mo


From the “perception-action” perspective, based on the microscopic survey data from 338 farmer households, this paper measures the influences of farmers’ value perception on their tendency to adopt technologies using a combination of methods including the confirmatory factor analysis and multi-group structural equation model and further studies the response of each influence path on variables like the characteristics of the individual decision maker, topographic conditions, radiation circle, and whether the farmer has joined any agricultural organization. The results show that: (1) anticipated benefit and comprehensive value perception have significant positive influences on farmers’ tendency to adopt technologies; and cost and benefit risk perception have negative inhibitory effects on their adoption tendency; (2) The individual characteristics of the farmer household decision makers have a significant role in adjusting the perception of comprehensive technological value and its influence on the adoption tendency; (3) the influences that farmers’ knowledge of technology costs and benefits and their perception of health risks have on their adoption tendency show significant geographical responses; and (4) whether the farmers are members of agricultural organizations (leading enterprises) leads to large differences in the influences that farmers’ value perception has on their technology adoption tendency.


Technology Perception, Adoption Tendency, Conditional Response, Farmers, Structural Equation Model

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