DOI: 10.14704/nq.2019.17.4.2079

Scientific Evidences for Discarnate Existence and a Search for the Sacred

James Paul Pandarakalam


Medical reductionism has been a road block in understanding the Sacred. There are emerging views in cognitive sciences that mind is irreducible. Evidences for discarnate existence support the irreducibility of consciousness. Low level and high-level paranormal cum mystical phenomena have supported the growth of all religions and now they are the issues for the study of parapsychology. Particle physics has also sent pseudopods into this challenging search for the transcendental creative force. Science should help us to discover an evolution in our understanding of God through a new theistic synthesis of all religious faiths, accelerating the human search for God and stimulate human response to God’s call. NeuroQuantology can be a bridge between science and spirituality and offers pointers towards the Sacred. Discarnate existence and the existence of the Sacred are inter related issues because without the former, God’s existence becomes irrelevant and without the latter, after death existence becomes less promising and even fearful. How spirituality and religiosity can influence the clinical practice particularly in older people is a current research area in psychiatry, but health professionals themselves have to develop an expanded model of consciousness and a belief in the transcendental creative force so as to accommodate religiosity and spirituality.

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