DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.2.276

What NeuroQuantology Is Up Against: Deconstruction of a Negative Editorial

Gordon Globus


An editorial and associated article, which take a rather derisive stance toward neuroquantology, is subjected to the technique of deconstruction. Deconstruction, a proper technique to use against a prevailing paradigm that precludes self-criticism, focuses on “marginalia,” symptoms of textual tension which serve as incisions for discussion. The article following the editorial points at quantum brain dynamics by specifically excluding it from discussion, and without foundation segues to the holomovement of David Bohm. Following these marginal cues a Bohmian dissipative quantum brain dynamics is sketched. This deconstructive response to criticism of quantum brain theory highlights the revolutionary paradigm shift that neuroquantology brings.


neuroquantology; deconstruction; quantum brain dynamics; Bohm; consciousness; between-two

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