DOI: 10.14704/nq.2004.2.1.36

Hitchcock’s Universe Without Time is Superposed Universe of Space Gradients

Danko Georgiev


In the special relativity born in 1905 by Albert Einstein the notion of absolute time was defeated and Minkowski was able to show that only the space-time as a single object can have place in the physical theories. However with the invention of quantum mechanics some physicists including Pauli have “found” that in quantum mechanics the time is nothing but a parameter, and because of the lack of a self-adjoint time operator the time has not equal status with the space coordinates. This lead some philosophers to speculate that time is a computational artifact not existing in the Universe. Further he quotes the fMRI studies of the “internal timekeeper” in brain to corroborate his conclusion. In the following paragraphs I will show that whether space or time exist in the Universe and how many space or time dimensions there are, must be solved by physical experiments and conclusions about that cannot be derived by the study of the subjective construction of space and time in the brain....


time; time perception; internal time

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