DOI: 10.14704/nq.2004.2.3.44

Editor’s Foreword: Cosmic Symmetry-breaking, Bifurcation, Fractality and Biogenesis

Danko Georgiev


In this issue of NeuroQuantology we touch one of the most fundamental problems in science – the evolution of the Universe and biological matter in it. Usually one thinks that from the inanimate chemical substances the origin of life is a matter of chance, or pure randomness. According to Chris King this is not so – at the Universe's fundamental quantum level an ongoing transactional process accompanied by symmetry-breaking and bifurcations, makes even the simplest molecules "alive" and they constantly decide their own destiny. The origin of life is a logical consequence of a long prebiotic selection of organic molecules – identical to these synthesized in the Cosmos at places far away from the Earth. This thesis is supported by "breath-taking" biochemical experimental results and recently obtained data from astronomic observatories. In King's review article the basic principles of modern physics are comprehensively explained to the unacquainted reader and what is more – the author explores the physical force unification at high energies and the physical force separation via symmetry-breaking due to polarization of the Higgs field in the early stages of the evolution of our Universe. The essay is a thought-provoking exposition explaining how from symmetric physical laws a vast diversity of structures is born in the course of 15 billion years of Universal evolution.


Cosmic Symmetry breaking; Bifurcation; Fractality; Biogenesis

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