DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.4.497

A “Quantum-Like” Approach to the Genetic Code

Tidjani Négadi


A “quantum-like” analogy, introduced in 1998 by Rakočević in his study of the bio-synthetic amino acid precursors, with the prime “quantum O37” in the background, is also considered in this paper as a guiding line of thought. We use and extend his results to derive (i) the multiplet structure of the standard genetic code, in a completely new and original way and (ii) several physicochemical quantities, as the number of nucleons in the 61 coded amino acids, the number of nucleons in 20, 23 and 61 amino acid biosynthetic precursors, the number of nucleons in 23 amino acids signals (AASs), the number of atoms in the 64 DNA-codons and in the 64 RNA-codons, and several other interesting quantities. In this way, we show that the fundamental set of seven fundamental amino acid precursors grouped into six amino acid families appears more informative than the larger set of twenty canonical amino acids. In a second part, we find once more a conspicuous numeric “manifestation” of serine, its protonated/neutral octamers and several other serine clusters; these clusters, in particular the serine octamer are thought to have been key players in the origin of homochirality. Also, we find, encoded, water (H2O), and, interestingly, the exact number of its characteristic water-water Hydrogen-Bond Contact/Non-Contact configurations (or “degeneracies”) according to the body-centered cubic (bcc) lattice gas model for water.


amino acid precursors; genetic code multiplets; serine clusters, water

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