DOI: 10.14704/nq.2004.2.4.50

Macroscopic Quantum Effects in Biophysics and Consciousness

Dejan Raković, Miroljub Dugić, Milan M Cirkovic


It is shown that investigations in the field of microwave resonance stimulation of the acupuncture system, as well as investigations of the interactions of consciousness with microscopic and macroscopic environment - imply the existence of local and nonlocal macroscopic quantum biophysical effects, with great potential implications in medicine, psychology, biology, physics, engineering, and philosophy/religion. The parallels between classical and quantum Hopfield-like neural networks were also emphasized, as well as biophysical quantum-relativistic model of altered and transitional states of consciousness, the roots of relative metatheory of consciousness in the quantum decoherence theory, and anthropic "coincidences" in classical and quantum cosmology.


macroquantum; local; nonlocal effects; classical & quantum Hopfield-like neural networks; nonlinearity; nonlocality; wave function; collapse; altered states of consciousness; quantum decoherence

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