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As many other progressive fields of scientific inquiry, the study of NeuroQuantology has experienced enormous growth in the recent past. The use of 21st-century technology for publication of the journal is a major component of the enterprise. Although many publishers of scientific journals have tried to keep up with the electronic age by adding on-line versions of print journals, they have maintained the traditional publishing structure that requires authors to transfer the copyright of their articles to the publisher and that limits the access to published articles by charging for subscriptions, or by at least charging "pay-per-view" fees for individual articles. Scientific publishing in the 21st century will be characterized by open access to (peer-reviewed) articles, freely and universally available on-line to readers worldwide. Whatever the future actually brings us, one thing is certain: the NeuroQuantology will be on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, bringing the latest research developments in the study of NeuroQuantology promptly and freely to readers worldwide. Readers and potential authors are cordially invited to join us in this exciting enterprise.


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