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A Long Shadow over the Soul: Molecular and Quantum Approaches to Psychopathology. An Interdisciplinary Dialog with Psychiatrists. Fano – Italy, March 2012

Fano Italy


From 29th to 31st March 2012, will be held in Fano, in the meeting room of the Pastoral Center, Via Roma, 118-Fano, Italy, a major conference on the theme: A Long Shadow over the Soul.

This international meeting at the newest frontiers of Psychiatry provides for participation by leading scientific figures of international renown, including Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis. The conference aims to address, among other topics, results obtained from the project financed by the Marche Region on Bio-Molecular Markers in Psychiatry, which is now recognized, by the Region, as a Project of Excellence. The data collected have not only generated the possibility of grading bipolar and depressed subjects biochemically for the first time in history; they have also pointed toward a possibility of directing the nutrition of those individuals who suffer from this devastating disease affecting the “person” and constituting a social phenomenon whose massive incidence over the next 20 years is forecast by WHO. The Project of the Marche Region has achieved results that can contribute a diagnostic laboratory tool sharpening the diagnostic precision of psychiatrists and thus drastically reducing the deleterious effects of incorrect therapy. The conference is also an extraordinary opportunity to bring together most of the members of the Quantum Paradigms of Psychopathology (QPP) group. The primary purpose of QPP is to explore the relevance of quantum physics to the most sensitive processes of the abnormal brain.

The concept of mind as a quantum field phenomenon has been under study since the final decades of the last century. Pioneers such as physicists Hiroomi Umezawa, Kunio Yasue, and Giuseppe Vitiello, mathematicians such as Roger Penrose, and biomedical investigators as Stuart Hameroff, Gordon Globus, and Gustav Bernroider have probed the depths of subatomic structure and its amplifications in search of substrates for macroscopic quantum computation and other capabilities that may correspond to the attributes of the human psyche better than conventional models supported by cognitive neuroscience.

The live conference in Fano harbors the potential to generate a productive, face to face synergy, leading eventually to advances in this new area of scientific exploration.

There will also be masterful discussions of the relationships between theology and psychiatry and between philosophy and psychiatry.

Prof. Massimo Cocchi

NeuroQuantology | June 2012 | Volume 10 | Issue 2 | Page S1-28

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