DOI: 10.14704/nq.2013.11.1.636

Hugh Everett III in Personal Reminiscences by Bryce S. DeWitt, Frank J. Tipler, Harvey J. Greenberg, Paul D. Flanagan, John Y. Barry, Joseph G. Caldwell, Donald L. Reisler, Keith F. Lynch, Keith M. Corbett, and David E. Deutsch

Eugene B. Shikhovtsev


Reminiscences by ten people about Hugh Everett III (1930–1982) are collected, describing his leaving quantum physics in late 1950s, defense analytical studies in 1956–1965, founding successful software and research corporations Lambda (1965–1975), mainly for defense work, and DBS (1973 – early 1990s), for civilian work, and finally his last public return to Many Worlds interpretation (1977). Previously unpublished memoirs taken from E. Shikhovtsev’s private correspondence, 2000–2002, and commented by him, describe intellectual and business qualities of Everett, his personal relations with different people, his views in various areas, habits, and manners.

NeuroQuantology | March 2013 | Volume 11 | Issue 1| Suppl 1 | Page 160-170


Hugh Everett III; biography

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Bryce S. DeWitt; Frank J. Tipler; Harvey J. Greenberg; Paul D. Flanagan; John Y. Barry; Joseph G. Caldwell; Donald L. Reisler; Keith F. Lynch; Keith M. Corbett; David E. Deutsch

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