DOI: 10.14704/nq.2005.3.2.64

Entropy and Syntropy: From Mechanical to Life Science

Antonella Vannini


This work describes the qualities and implications, in the field of psychology, of two principles which can be observed in the physical and biological world: the principle of entropy and the principle of syntropy. The description of the qualities of entropic and syntropic phenomena can be found in the works of Luigi Fantappiè (1901-1956), one of the major Italian mathematicians, who, while working on quantum mechanics and special relativity, discovered that all physical and chemical phenomena, which are determined by causes placed in the past, are governed by the principle of entropy, while all those phenomena which are attracted towards causes which are placed in the future (attractors), are governed by a principle which is symmetrical to entropy and which Fantappiè named syntropy.


Syntropy, entropy, living systems, information, interdisciplinary approach, causality, thermodynamics, quantum brain

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