DOI: 10.14704/nq.2013.11.3.672

A Conjecture on the Origin of Gravity

Gao Shan


In this paper, we argue that a certain kind of discreteness of space-time may imply the existence of gravity as a geometric property of space-time described by general relativity (GR). In particular, the dynamical relationship between matter and space-time holds true not only for macroscopic objects, but also for microscopic particles. This argument provides a possible basis for Einstein's theory of gravity. Moreover, the Einstein gravitational constant in GR can be determined by the minimum intervals of discrete space-time. Lastly, we note that this new analysis may have some further implications for a complete theory of quantum gravity.

NeuroQuantology | September 2013 | Volume 11 | Issue 3 | Page 405-409


spacetime; gravity; general relativity; minimum length; uncertainty principle

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Supporting Agencies

I am very grateful to Sabine Hossenfelder for helpful discussions. I am also grateful to the participants of Foundations of Physics Seminar at the University of Sydney for discussions.

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