DOI: 10.14704/nq.2005.3.3.71

Hierarchic Model of Consciousness: From Molecular Bose Condensation to Synaptic Reorganization

Alex Kaivarainen


Hierarchic Model of Consciousness, proposed in this work, is based on Hierarchic Theory of Matter and Field, developed by the author, its application to properties of water in microtubules (MT) and distant exchange electromagnetic interaction between MT. The evidence, based on our theory and Virial theorem, are considered, pointing to possibility of mesoscopic (intermediate between macroscopic and microscopic) molecular Bose condensation in any condensed matter. It is shown also, that conditions of nonlocality coincide with conditions of macroscopic Bose condensation, real in condensed matter and virtual in the Vacuum). In accordance to our Hierarchic Model of Consciousness (HMC), each specific kind of neuron ensembles excitation - corresponds to hierarchical system of three-dimensional (3D) standing waves of following interrelated kinds: thermal de Broglie waves (waves B), produced by anharmonic translations and librations of molecules;  electromagnetic (IR) waves; acoustic waves (thermal phonons) and vibro-gravitational waves. Corresponding complex hologram may be responsible not only for quantum neurodynamics regulation, but for morphogenetic field also.In our model we consider corresponding quantum collective excitations, resulted from coherent anharmonic translational and librational oscillations of water molecules in the hollow core of the microtubules. This water fraction is most organized and orchestrated fraction of condensed matter in cells. The mechanism suggested, needs the existence the following hierarchical stages of each elementary act of perception and memory, as a consequence of simultaneous excitation and depolarization of big enough number of interacting quantum mechanically and classically neurons, forming cooperative ensemble: 1.The change of the electric field tension in the neuron's body, as a result of membranes depolarization, 2.Opening the potential dependent Ca2+ channels and increasing the concentration of these ions in cytoplasm. Activation of Ca2+ -dependent protein gelsolin, which stimulate fast disassembly of actin filaments.


consciousness, microtubules, non-computational, quantum computation, gel-sol, consciousness model, hierarchic model of consciousness

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