DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.1.715

A Tribute to Dr. William G. Roll: A NeuroQuantology Pioneer

Michael Persinger


I first met William G. Roll during the late summer of 1972 at a Parapsychology Conference sponsored by the Beloffs at the University of Edinburgh. He was a captivating lecturer and conveyed the most complex information with clarity and humour. Over the decades Dr. Roll was instrumental in the modern discoveries of brain function, non-local phenomena and what is now more appropriately termed NeuroQuantal effects. He convinced two of the most outstanding exceptional people with unusual talents, Sean Harribance and the late Ingo Swann, to be tested in our laboratory. As a result we showed a quantitative relationship between the duration of unusual theta activity from the right temporooccipital region of Mr. Swann and the degree of his accuracy during remote viewing of places and hidden photographs. For Mr. Harribance, we measured the conservation of energy for the increased emissions of photons from his right hemisphere (the same area that had shown increased perfusion during SPECT measurements) while he reported the memories of the person proximal to him and the minute decrease in magnetic field strength of the earth within about 1 m.


neuroquantology; William G. Roll; Ingo Swann; Sean Harribance

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