DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.2.851

Reply to Georgiev: No-Go for Georgiev’s No-Go Theorem

Henry Stapp


Danko Georgiev has published a series of papers that claim that the Quantum Zeno Effect that I employ in my explanation of how our minds are able to influence our actions is nullifies by environmental decoherence effects. I give here a simple proof that environmental decoherence does not nullify the quantum Zeno effect.


Quantum Zeno Effect; environmental decoherence; Stapp

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Georgiev D. No-Go theorem for Stapp’s quantum Zeno model of mind-brain interaction. NeuroQuantology 2015; 2: 179-189

Georgiev D. Monte Carlo simulation of quantum Zeno effect in the brain. International J. Modern Physics B 2015; 29 (7): 1550039.

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