DOI: 10.14704/nq.2016.14.4.954

An Essay on ‘Fracto-Resonant’ Nature of Life

J. Shashi Kiran Reddy, Contzen Pereira


Fractals are built from patterns generated from immense complexity within the resonant frequencies that connect and tune the universe. Play of such frequencies would result in the exchange of energy and coupling of informational systems at various levels and scales. The present essay serves as a small ride into life’s association with such phenomenon. At a fundamental level communication happens via process called ‘resonance’ (in energy terms), and this in turn manifests at a physical (or material) level as self-replicating and self-resonating patterns called ‘fractals.’ This could be the reason why at a physical level every structure (associated with both animate and inanimate entities) carries this fractal imprint nature, making it the cosmic signature (as embedded in the spatial grain). The fractal patterns popping out in the natural world surrounding us could be thought of as frozen energy or resonant life patterns. Thus, we hypothesize life could have emerged or appeared as a ‘fracto-resonant’ phenomenon, resulting from the play of interference between material and non-material aspects. In this regard, we propose frequencies or vibrations to be more fundamental to life and call for scientific studies that aim at understanding the effect of various frequencies and vibrations on life forms and consciousness.


Fractals; Resonance; Consciousness; Life; Sound Healing; Vibration; Phenomenon

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