DOI: 10.14704/nq.2016.14.4.960

The Convergence of Computing, Cognitive Neuroscience, Biogenetics and Biology: The Phenomenon of Consciousness

Charles T. Ross


Over the last century our knowledge of every branch of science has advanced at an ever increasing pace, yet now, at the beginning of the third millennium AD, we are on the cusp of, perhaps, the greatest expansion ever – and in almost every sphere of research. The invention and breakneck speed of the development of computers has played a major role in this endeavour by processing research material, and speeding up communications and disseminating information. Computing is transforming business, commerce, industry, finance, and the basic fundamentals of both education and economics. However, increasingly, we are beginning to realize that this is only just a part of the potential contribution computing science can make. This paper outlines a computer software designer’s contribution to the consciousness debate.


computing; mind; convergence; consciousness; neuroscience

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