Vol 12, No 4 (2014)

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Prognostication of Human Brain EEG Signal Dynamics Using a Refined Coupled Oscillator Energy Exchange Model
Darius Kezys, Darius Plikynas
The P versus NP Problem in Quantum Physics
Daegene Song
Nonlocal Correlations in Macroscopic Systems: Living Objects, Mental Influence and Physical Processes
Rafik Sargsyan, Gagik Karamyan
Homogeneity of Space-time Implies the Free Schrödinger Equation
Gao Shan
Numerical Simulation of Asano-Khrennikov-Ohya Quantum-like Decision Making Model
Xingdong Zuo

Opinion and Perspectives

A REM Intrusion Model for Death Bed Visions: A Palliative Nursing Perspective
Hemei Zhang, Jiannong Zhao, Chenyu Xu, Pengcheng Wang, Zengna Xing, Cuilian Wang
Near Death Experiences in End of Life Conditions: Need for Nursing Perspectives
Youhong Dong, Duguan Fu
Subconscious Auditory Processing in Anesthesia: The Common Theme Between Dreams, Implicit Memory and Anesthesia Awareness
Yushuang Zhong, Ravi Prakash
Some Vital and Unrecognized Roles of Attention in Quantum Theories of Consciousness
Yan Jiang, Ravi Prakash
The Problem of Conscious Observation in Relativistic Description
Rajat Kumar Pradhan
Did the Universe Emerge from Nothing? Reductive vs. Holistic Cosmology
Robert W. Boyer

Altered States of Consciousness

Archaeoacoustic Investigation of a Prehistoric Cave Site: Frequency-Dependent Sound Amplification and Potential Relevance for Neurotheology
J. Miguel Gaona, Nicolas Rouleau, Joey M. Caswell, Lucas W.E. Tessaro, Ryan C. Burke, David S. Schumacher

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