Vol 3, No 4 (2005)

Open Access: Unertan Syndrome

Table of Contents


A New Theory on the Evolution of Human Mind. Unertan Syndrome: Quadrupedality, Primitive Language, and Severe Mental Retardation PDF Video
Uner Tan
The Being/Brain Problem PDF
Gordon Globus
Toward a Biological Framework for Morality PDF
Nancy K. Morrison, Sally K. Severino
Experimental Study of Macroscopic Nonlocality of Large-scale Natural Dissipative Processes PDF
S M Korotaev, A N Morozov, V O Serdyuk, J V Gorohov, V A Machinin

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Abulkassim Al Zahraoui PDF
Editorial NQ

NQ Biography

Thomas Willis (1621-1673) PDF
Editorial NQ

Opinion and Perspectives

The Hypothesis of Transferred Schemes: A Clinical Approach to Quantum Mind PDF
Antonia FR Boffa, Guido Del Prete

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