Vol 6, No 4 (2008)

Open Access: Biophotons and Their Functions

Table of Contents


Reflection 2008: The State of Science, Religion and Consciousness PDF
Huping Hu 323-332


Quantum-like Cognition from Multiplicity of Time Scales in the Brain PDF
Andrei Khrennikov
Nonlinear Quantum Neuro-Psycho-Dynamics with Topological Phase Transitions PDF
Vladimir G. Ivancevic, Tijana T. Ivancevic
Quantitative Discrepancy in Cerebral Hemispheric Temperature Associated with "Two Consciousnesses" is Predicted by NeuroQuantum Relations PDF
Michael A. Persinger, Salvatore Meli, Stanley A. Koren
Chaotic Ant Swarm Designed T-S Fuzzy System for Adaptive Control of Dynamical Systems PDF
Lixiang Li, Haipeng Peng, Yixian Yang
Parameter Identification of Wiener Model with Discontinuous Nonlinearities Using Hybrid Simplex Search and Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
Tang Yinggan, Qiao Leijie, Guan Xinping
Adaptive Exponential Synchronization of Uncertain Complex Dynamical Networks with Delay Coupling PDF
Lifu Wang, Yuanwei Jing, Zhi Kong, Georgi M. Dimirovski
Synchronization for a Class of Chaotic Systems PDF
Lixiang Li
Threshold Selection Based on Fuzzy Tsallis Entropy and Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
Tang Yinggan

Invited Article

Studies and Discussion of Properties of Biophotons and Their Functions PDF
Jiin-Ju Chang
Consciousness as Evolutionary Process based on Coherent States PDF
Fritz-Albert Popp
Synchronization and Coherence as an Organizing Principle in the Organism, Social Interaction, and Consciousness PDF
Marco Bischof
Correlation between Fluctuations in Human Ultra-weak Photon Emission and EEG Alpha Rhythm PDF
Roeland Van Wijk, Saskia Bosman, John Ackerman, Eduard Van Wijk
Year Long Measurement of Biophoton Emission of Hands and Feet PDF
Frederic Laager

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