Vol 8, No 2 (2010)

Open Access: Near Death Experiences

Table of Contents

Ed-Op Article

What NeuroQuantology Is Up Against: Deconstruction of a Negative Editorial PDF
Gordon Globus

Quantum Paradigms of Psychopathology

From Quantum Wetware to Mental Illness: A Section Editor's First Interim Progress Report PDF
Donald Mender

Review Article

A Historical View of the Relation Between Quantum Mechanics and the Brain: A NeuroQuantologic Perspective PDF
Sultan Tarlacı
The Fractal Nature of the Brain: EEG Data Suggests That the Brain Functions as a "Quantum Computer" in 5-8 Dimensions PDF
John Gardiner, Robyn Overall, Jan Marc

Opinion and Perspectives

Near Death Experiences: A New Algorithmic Approach to Verifying Consciousness Outside the Brain PDF
Valerie Laws, Elaine Perry
Non Local Effects in The Process of Dying: Can Quantum Mechanics Help? PDF
Peter Fenwick
Quantum Nonlocality: Does Nature also Perform the Trick Via a Biological Route? PDF
Fred H. Thaheld
Derivation of Some Characteristics of Quantum Theory from an Analogy with the Dreaming Brain PDF
Thomas G. Schumann
Consciousness and Everett's Many-Mind Interpretation PDF
Ivanov Evgeny
Implications of a Multiverse String Cosmology PDF
Richard David Ruquist
Spontaneous Neocortical Activity and Cognitive Functions: A Neuron-Astroglial Bio-Magnetic and Self-Organized Process PDF
Marcos Arturo Martinez Banaclocha, Helios Martinez Banaclocha
Making Connectivities: Neuroanthropology and Ecological Ethics PDF
Arthur Saniotis


Towards a Theory of Everything Part I: Introduction of Consciousness in Electromagnetic Theory, Special and General Theory of Relativity PDF
Ram Lakhan Pandey Vimal
Quantum Nonlocality, Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen Argument, and Consciousness PDF
Narayanan Kutty Karuppath, Achuthan Panajikunnath
How Mental Genes Make the Human Mental Complex and Control Its Functioning: Transition From The Genetic Mind to the Intelligent Mind PDF
Sadia Tariq, Raza Kazim, Iram Tauqir

Book Review

Handbook of Cultural Developmental Science. Edited by Marc H. Bornstein PDF
Uner Tan

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