Vol 12, No 2 (2014)

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A Quantum Monadological Solution to the Measurement, Consciousness and Qualia Problems Full Text PDF
Gordon Globus
Intersubjective Agreement in a Quantum-like Model of “Paradoxical” Experiments in Biology Full Text PDF
Francis Beauvais
The Extended Brain: Cyclic Information Flow in a Quantum Physical Realm Full Text PDF
Dirk K.F. Meijer
A Proposal to Extend Brodmann’s Areas Concept to a New Model Full Text PDF
Erol Başar, Aysel Düzgün, Bahar Güntekin
Co-Variations Among Cognition, Cerebellar Disorders and Cortical Areas With Regional Glucose-Metabolic Activities in a Homogeneous Sample with Uner Tan Syndrome: Holistic Functioning of the Human Brain Full Text PDF
Uner Tan
A Novel Nature Inspired Fuzzy Tsallis Entropy Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images Full Text PDF
Anusuya S. Venkatesan, Latha Parthiban
The Effects of Static Magnetic Field on Rats Brain, Lungs, Liver, Pancreas and Blood Electrolytes Full Text PDF
Mohammed Farahna, Mohammed A. Ali Omer, Mohamed E. F. Garalnabi, Adel Abdella Al-Ganim, Saida Abdelkareem, Yahia M. Busharaa

Opinion and Perspectives

Electron Transfers and Holographic Molecules: Why Neuroscientists Should Take Quantum Phenomena into Consideration Full Text PDF
Philippe Anglade, Yamina Larabi-Godinot, Shigeru Tsuji
Mind and Tachyons: Quantum Interactive Dualism - Libet’s Causal Anomalies Full Text PDF
Syamala D. Hari
Two-Body Interaction, Bifurcation, Chaos, Entanglement, and the Mind’s Perception Full Text PDF
Jeffrey Stuart Keen

Altered States of Consciousness

The Consumption of Psychoactive Plants in Ancient Global and Anatolian Cultures During Religious Rituals: The Roots of the Eruption of Mythological Figures and Common Symbols in Religions and Myths Full Text PDF
H. Umit Sayin

Social Neuroscience

Modeling in Economics and in the Theory of Consciousness on the Basis of Generalized Measurements Full Text PDF
Sergiy Melnyk, Igor Tuluzov
Consciousness – Brain Gene Behavioral Psychology by Using Quantum Dots for DNA Sequences and for a Single DNA Sequence Full Text PDF
Alamandha Madhan Kumar, Acharya Bal Krishna, Sadhana Singh, Gowdara Paran Gowda

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