Vol 12, No 3 (2014)

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Quantum Model for Psychological Measurements: From the Projection Postulate to Interference of Mental Observables Represented As Positive Operator Valued Measures Full Text PDF
Andrei Khrennikov, Irina Basieva
Mind-Matter Interaction at a Distance of 190 km: Effects on a Random Event Generator Using a Cutoff Method Full Text PDF
Patrizio Tressoldi, Luciano Pederzoli, Patrizio Caini, Alessandro Ferrini, Simone Melloni, Diana Richeldi, Florentina Richeldi, Gian Marco Duma
Check Sum Computing in Doubly Frustrated Microtubule Clusters Full Text PDF
Mariusz Pietruszka, Marcin Lipowczan
Entanglement Between Bio-Photons and Tubulins in Brain: Implications for Memory Storage and Information Processing Full Text PDF
Mohsen Ostovari, Abolfazl Alipour, Alireza Mehdizadeh
Extensive Quantum Theory of DNA and Biological String Full Text PDF
Yi-Fang Chang
The Universal Principle of Biology: Determinism, Quantum Physics and Spontaneity Full Text PDF
Attila Grandpierre, Deepak Chopra, Menas C. Kafatos
Measurement Complexity and Oracle Quantum Computing Full Text PDF
Subhash Kak
Consciousness, Brain Vibrations and Planck Mass Full Text PDF
Janina Marciak-Kozłowska, Miroslaw Kozlowski
Information Dynamics in the Universe Full Text PDF
Alexander Ya Temkin

Social Neuroscience

Manifestation of Quantum Mechanical Properties of a Proprietor’s Consciousness in Slit Measurements of Economic Systems Full Text PDF
Igor G. Tuluzov, Sergiy Melnyk
Quantum Interpretation to Decision Making Under Risk: The Observer Effect In Allais Paradox Full Text PDF
Gelengül Koçaslan

Opinion and Perspectives

Multiple States of Consciousness in a Point of Time: Inadequacy of Psychological Constructs and Need for Quantum Perspectives Full Text PDF
Jie Huang, Ravi Prakash, Michele Caponigro

Altered States of Consciousness

Does the Nervous System Have an Intrinsic Archaic Language? Entoptic Images and Phosphenes Full Text PDF
H. Umit Sayin

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