Vol 13, No 3 (2015)

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Dirac’s Large Number Hypothesis: Is it Related to 40 Hz Gamma Oscillation or Consciousness? Full Text PDF
Sisir Roy, Samyadeb Bhattacharya, B.V. Sreekantan
A Mathematical Model for the Genetic Code(s) Based on Fibonacci Numbers and their q-Analogues Full Text PDF
Tidjani Négadi
Biological Quasicrystals and the Golden Mean: Relevance to Quantum Computation Full Text PDF
John Gardiner
The Quantum Phenomena in Computational Model of Neuro-Cognition States: An Analytical Approach Full Text PDF
Susmit Bagchi
Quantum Decision-making in Newcomb’s Problem: Effect of Reward Size Full Text PDF
Nobuye Ishibashi-Ohmura, Taiki Takahashi

Opinion and Perspectives

Intelligent Evolution, Complexity and Self-Organization Full Text PDF
Robert Skopec
Some Solutions of Extensive Quantum Equations in Biology, Formation of DNA and Neurobiological Entanglement Full Text PDF
Yi-Fang Chang
The Problem of Subjectless Consciousness in some Western and Eastern Traditions Full Text PDF
Tatyana Lifintseva, Diana Gasparyan
On the Possible New Brain Wave 100 MHz and Microtubule Quantum Vibrations Full Text PDF
Miroslaw Kozlowski, Janina Marciak-Kozlowska
What are the Laws of Nature Anyway? Part I: Toward a Holistic Model Full Text PDF
Robert W. Boyer
Translating Fifteen Mysteries of the Universe: Nine Dimensional Mathematical Models of Finite Reality, Part II Full Text PDF
Edward R. Close, Vernon M. Neppe
Macroscopic Quantum Superposition in a Human Life-Form: The Discovery of the Open Gate into the Quantum World Full Text PDF
Ronald Jerry Greene
On Some Explanations and Analysis of the Basic Foundations of Quantum Cognition: Comments on a paper by Pothos, Busemeyer and Trueblood Full Text PDF
Elio Conte

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