Volume 1 No 2 (2003)
Psychiagenia Psychiageni
Pages: None - None
Historical Aspect: Relationship Between Mind/Behaviour and Body/Organism
 Sirel Karakas, Belma Bekci
Pages: None - None
Neuromolecular Computing in Brain Evolution: Models and Methods
 Ron Wallace
Pages: None - None
Psychiagenia: A Gauge Theory for the Mind-Brain Problem
 Ivan O Godfroid
Pages: None - None
Conscious Image Processing: An Integrated Neural and Quantum Model
 Mitja Perus
Pages: None - None
Philosophy, Science and Scientist
Pages: None - None
Quantum Neurodynamics and the Relation to Conscious Experience1
 Gustav Bernroider
Pages: 163 - 168
Conscious Image Processing An Integrated Neural and Quantum Mode
 Mitja Peru┼í1
Pages: 200 - 231
Quantum Dissipation and Information A route to consciousness modeling
 Giuseppe Vitiello
Pages: 266 - 279