Volume 10 No 3 (2012)
Extrasensory Perception and the Brain Hemispheres: Where Does the Issue Stand Now?
 Bryan J. Williams
Pages: 350 - 373
Mind Efforts, Quantum Zeno Effect and Environmental Decoherence
 Danko Georgiev
Pages: 374 - 388
Reliability of Outputs of Field Random Number Generator Movie Experiments
 Takeshi Shimizu and Masato Ishikawa
Pages: 389 - 393
Remote State Preparation of Mental Information: A Theoretical Model and a Summary of Experimental Evidence
 Patrizio E. Tressoldi and Andrei Khrennikov
Pages: 394 - 402
Psi-Lines, Chaos, Spirals, Magnetism, and Entanglement
 Jeffrey Stuart Keen
Pages: 416 - 427
The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Temperature Signifying the Existence of the Thought-Carrying Particle, Thought Retaining Particle and Thought Force
 Dhananjay Pal and ArunUday De
Pages: 428 - 442
On the Temperature and Energy of the Brain Waves Is there Any Connection with Early Universe?
 Miroslaw Kozlowski and Janina Marciak-Kozlowska
Pages: 443 - 452
Brain Photons as the Quanta of the Quantum String
 Miroslaw Kozlowski and Janina Marciak-Kozlowska
Pages: 453 - 461
Synchronicities of Carl Jung Interpreted in Quantum Concept of Consciousness
 Michael B. Mensky
Pages: 468 - 481
A Brain Charge Mechanism Modeled in Synchronistic Dyadic Interpersonal Interaction
 Alan S. Haas
Pages: 482 - 488
A Version of Jung’s Synchronicity in the Event of Correlation of Mental Processes in the Past and the Future: Possible Role of Quantum Entanglement in Quantum Vacuum
 Igor V. Limar
Pages: 489 - 491
An Interview with Anabela Cardoso: Anomalous Electronic Voices Received via Instrumental Transcommunication
 Sylvia Hart Wright
Pages: 515 - 518
The Quantum Measurement Problem: How to Rescue a Cat from Schizophrenia?
 Sultan Tarlacı
Pages: 519 - 531
Information Basis of the World Structure, Universe Origin and Teleportation Phenomenon
 Alexander Ya Temkin
Pages: 532 - 536
Nonlocality and Intuition as the Second Foundation of Knowledge
 Ede Frecska
Pages: 537 - 546
Saving Souls sans Psi
 Douglas M. Stokes
Pages: 547 - 560
Quantum Logic of the Unconscious and Schizophrenia
 Paola Zizzi and Massimo Pregnolato
Pages: 566 - 579
A Sideways Look at the Neurobiology of Psi: Precognition and Circadian Rhythms
 David Luke, Karolina Zychowicz, Olga Richterova, Inna Tjurina & Jelena Polonnikova
Pages: 580 - 590
Radiant Minds: Everything You May Have Wanted to Know About Psi Phenomena but Didn’t Know Who to Ask
 Juanita Ratner
Pages: 591 - 594