Volume 10 No 4 (2012)
Rethinking Human Values
 Stanley Krippner, Daniel B. Pitchford Jeannine A. Davies and Kishor Adhikari
Pages: 595 - 600
Reply to a Critic: “Mind Efforts, Quantum Zeno Effect and Environmental Decoherence”
 Henry P. Stapp
Pages: 601 - 605
Multiple Oscillations and Phase Locking in Human Gamma Responses: An Essay in Search of Eigenvalues
 Erol Başar
Pages: 606 - 618
Bioreaction Quantum Computing without Quantum Diffusion
 Kevin B. Clark
Pages: 646 - 654
Conte’s Approach to Human Cognition by Application of Quantum Mechanics: a Revisitation of the Yin-Yang Theory and Jung’s Psyche Model by Using Such Quantum Approach
 Ferda Kaleağasıoğlu
Pages: 655 - 662
Some Difficulties of Physicalistic Approach
 Diana Gasparyan
Pages: 663 - 669
The Buddhist Pill for Satre’s “Nausea”: Phenomenological and Hindu-Buddhist Treatments of Intentionality
 Tatyana Petrovna Lifintseva
Pages: 670 - 675
Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder: The Concept of Symmetry Breaking
 Massimo Cocchi , Fabio Gabrielli, Eliano Pessa, Massimo Pregnolato , Lucio Tonello† and Paola Zizzi
Pages: 676 - 687
Doors of Female Orgasmic Consciousness: New Theories on the Peak Experience and Mechanisms of Female Orgasm and Expanded Sexual Response
 H. Ümit Sayin
Pages: 692 - 714
The Speed of Passionate Love, As a Subliminal Prime: A High-Density Electrical Neuroimaging Study
 Stephanie Cacioppo, Scott T. Grafton , Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli
Pages: 715 - 724
p-Adic Structure of the Genetic Code
 Branko Dragovich
Pages: 716 - 727
Dysfunctional Love in Psychopathic Criminals: The Neural Basis
 Barbara Gawda
Pages: 725 - 732
Spatio-temporal Brain Dynamics of Understanding Social Versus Private Intentions: An Electrical Neuroimaging Study
 Yiwen Wang, Liang Huang, Chongde Lin, Zhen Zhang, Fucheng Liang, Deli Shen
Pages: 733 - 743
The Brain in Love: Has Neuroscience Stolen the Secret of Love?
 Sultan Tarlacı
Pages: 744 - 753
Length Estimation from the Past to the Future: A Brief Review
 Mehtap Güney, Süleyman Kaplan, Abdullah Hilmi Marangoz , Ebru Ayrancı
Pages: 754 - 760
Surface Area Estimation: A Brief Review
 Mehtap Güney, M. Emin Önger, Abdullah Marangoz , Süleyman Kaplan
Pages: 761 - 764
Chinese Traditional Culture and Research of Parapsychology
 Reviewed by Yi-Fang Chang
Pages: 765 - 767
Information Seeking Behaviour of Agricultural Students in Electronic Environment: a study of constituent colleges of Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Pages: 768 - 775