Volume 13 No 2 (2015)
Physical Consciousness Outside the Brain: Parasite Fermion Model for Substance of Consciousness
 Takashi Taneichi
Pages: 134 - 140
The Concept of the Lighter Shadow Matter Body and Brain: A Valuable Contribution to Mind-Brain Problem
 James Paul Pandarakalam
Pages: 141 - 153
Exploring Psychomanteum as a Psi-Conducive State of Consciousness
 Alejandro Parra and Jorge Villanueva
Pages: 154 - 159
Investigation of Interactions Between Low Energy Positrons and DNA Using the Monte-Carlo Method
 Ahmet Çetin and Kemal Koç
Pages: 160 - 169
Explaining Dopamine Deficiency of Spiking Neurons Based on Quantum Superposition Theory
 Mohammad Daneshzand, Jasem Almotiri, Rania Baashirah and Khaled Elleithy
Pages: 170 - 178
Reply to Georgiev: No-Go for Georgiev’s No-Go Theorem
 Henry Stapp
Pages: 190 - 191
Quantum-Everted Meta-Scientific Lensing as an Arbiter of the Hard Problem
 Donald Mender
Pages: 192 - 195
Schumann Resonance and Brain Waves: A Quantum Description
 Miroslaw Kozlowski, Janina Marciak-Kozlowska
Pages: 196 - 204
Translating Fifteen Mysteries of the Universe by Applying a Nine Dimensional Spinning Model of Finite Reality: A Perspective, the Standard Model and Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm, Part I
 Edward R. Close and Vernon M. Neppe
Pages: 205 - 217
A Further Review of ‘Orch OR’ Theory: The Universe in Consciousness
 Robert W. Boyer and Park Hensley
Pages: 218 - 231
Consciousness: A Non-reductive Study Based on a Non-coding RNA Gene
 Sirajul Husain
Pages: 240 - 249
A Brief Comment on Some Recent Evaluations by Basieva and Khrennikov, Wang et al., BoyerKassem et al., on Order Effects in Quantum Cognition
 Elio Conte
Pages: 250 - 252
Dielectric relaxation studies of PVA and PVA/CuSO4 composite films”
 HK Mahavar
Pages: 253 - 260
“Dielectric relaxation studies of PVA and PVA/CuSO4 composite films”
 HK Mahavar
Pages: 253 - 260