Volume 14 No 2 (2016)
A Three-Layered Model for Consciousness States
 Arushi Kak, Abhinav Gautam, Subhash Kak
Pages: 166 - 174
Why Consciousness? Teaching and Learning at the Leading Edge of Mind Science
 Kathleen D. Noble, John Joseph Crotty, Aarshin Karande, Alexa Lavides, Andrzej Montaño
Pages: 175 - 192
The Indigenous Healing Tradition in Calabria, Italy
 Michael Bova, Stanley Krippner , Ashwin Budden, Roberto Galante
Pages: 193 - 212
Using Aikido and Transpersonal Psychology Concepts as Tools for Reconciling Conflict: Focus on Aikido and Related Martial Arts, Such as Hapkido
 Harris L. Friedman
Pages: 213 - 225
Medicinal Drumming: An Ancient and Modern Day Healing Approach
 Sal Núñez
Pages: 226 - 241
The Transformation of Ashtanga Yoga: Implicit Memory, Dreams, and Consciousness for Survivors of Complex Trauma
 Ida C. LaChiusa
Pages: 255 - 271
You and I: Psycho-Spiritual Health and the Voice of Love
 Garret B. Wyner, Joshua D. Wyner
Pages: 272 - 284
A Phenomenological Examination of Psilocybin and its Positive and Persisting Aftereffects
 Joseph A. Zamaria
Pages: 285 - 296
Modeling the Flesh of God: Semantic Hyperpriming and the Teonancátl Cults of Mexico
 Kaleb R. Smith
Pages: 297 - 308
Shamanic Vision Quest: Native American Ritual, Depth Psychology, and Renaissance Natural Magic
 Kathryn LaFevers Evans
Pages: 309 - 337
Integrated Quantum Therapy in an Epileptic Child after 13 Years of Inherited Real Risk of Epilepsy in Evolution: A Case Study
 Marco Marchionni, Simone Caramel, Sergio Stagnaro
Pages: 338 - 347
The Neural Mechanisms Underlying Personality Disorders
 Barbara Gawda, Ryszarda Bernacka, Agnieszka Gawda
Pages: 348 - 356
The Quantitative Unconscious: A Psychoanalytic Perturbation-Theoretic Approach to the Complexity of Neuronal Systems in the Neuroses
 Richard Norman
Pages: 357 - 369
Speculation on Shaktipat as “Spooky Action at a Distance”
 Juan J. Rios
Pages: 370 - 382
Creation, its Processes, and Significance: Samkhya - Evolution and Involution
 Pratibha Gramann
Pages: 383 - 391
Effects of Directed Intention on the Integrity of Human Blood Cells
 Debra A. Midyette
Pages: 392 - 403
A Mixed Methods Study of Telepathic Interspecies Communication with Therapeutic Riding Horses and Their Recovering Wounded Veteran Partners
 Deborah L. Erickson, Ph.D., Debbi Fisher†, Bob Woelk, Wanda Buckner, Ed.D., Crystal Ashley
Pages: 404 - 426
Operational Definition: The “Achilles Heel” of Meditation
 Roberto Cardoso*, Elaine Sales, Liliana Centurione, Mario S. Bazzarella, Mary U. Nakamura
Pages: 433 - 438
Pain Perception Within Consciousness
 Cengiz Mordeniz
Pages: 439 - 446
Common Fixed Point Theorems Of Composite Involutions In Banach Spaces
 Neelmani Gupta
Pages: 447 - 449