Volume 15 No 1 (2017)
A Look at the Future and an Open Call for Scientific Community
 Sultan Tarlacı, MD., Editor
Pages: 1 - 3
A Quantum Brain Version of the Quantum Bayesian Solution to the Measurement Problem
 Gordon Globus
Pages: 4 - 9
Quantum-Assisted Process of Disembody Under Near-Death Conditions: An Informational-Field Support Model
 Florin Gaiseanu
Pages: 10 - 17
Are Water Temperature Anomalies Conjugated to Brain Functions in Microtubules?
 Mariusz Pietruszka and Marcin Lipowczan
Pages: 18 - 21
Quantum Neural Machine Learning: Backpropagation and Dynamics
 Carlos Pedro Gonçalve
Pages: 22 - 41
Quantum Biology: Unit Membrane Reduces Entropy Due To Wave Particle Duality
 Horst Josef Koch
Pages: 42 - 44
Quantum Holography and Agency: Toward a Formalism of Schema QD
 Zoltan Batiz and Dragan Milovanovic
Pages: 45 - 59
A Field RNG Experiment: Use of a Digital RNG at Movie Theaters
 Takeshi Shimizu, Kitaro Yamamoto & Masato Ishikawa
Pages: 60 - 66
Mind and Machine: Interdisciplinarity
 Daegene Song
Pages: 67 - 72
Notes on Information and Choices
 Daegene Song
Pages: 73 - 78
A Novel Subject-Object Model of Consciousness
 J. Shashi Kiran Reddy
Pages: 79 - 85
Minimal Neural Recruitment from Stevens Coding and Fechner Decoding in the Brain
 Rajat Kumar Pradhan
Pages: 86 - 91
A Bio-Electrical Tornado in The Hippocampus: Mechanisms of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
 H. Ümit Sayin
Pages: 92 - 103
 Meenakshi Jaiswal
Pages: 104 - 112
A Comprehensive Review of Convolutional Neural Networks for Robust Face Recognition: Architectural Insights and Abstracted Findings
Pages: 113 - 116