Volume 15 No 2 (2017)
Aspects of Reference and Information
 Daegene Song
Pages: 104 - 108
Advanced Relativity: Multidimensionality of Consciousness and Mind, Origin of Life, Psi Phenomena
 Amrit Sorli , Uros Dobnikar, Davide Fiscaletti , Vlad Koroli
Pages: 109 - 117
Can ‘Theory of Everything’ Be Global Theory of Consciousness? Ontology and Psychodynamics of I-observer
 Sergey B. Yurchenko
Pages: 118 - 131
An Information Based Model of Consciousness Fully Explaining the Mind Normal/Paranormal Properties
 Florin Gaiseanu
Pages: 132 - 140
Comment on Information and Dualism
 Daegene Song
Pages: 141 - 144
Theory of Telepathy an Alternative Interpretation of Psychotic Experiences and Some Tips for Recovery
 Anna Cornelia Beyer
Pages: 145 - 159
Where is Nonlocality?
 Robert Boyer
Pages: 160 - 170
A Deeper Understanding of Consciousness Through Study of Creativity
 James Paul Pandarakalam
Pages: 171 - 185
A Very Simple Quantum Model of Mind and Matter
 Giuliana Galli Carminati , François Martin, Federico Carminati
Pages: 186 - 199
Coding by Quantum Entanglement Entropy
 Robert Skopec
Pages: 200 - 207
The Role of Distance in the Gravity Model: From the View of Newton, International Economics and Quantum Mechanics
 Gelengül Koçaslan
Pages: 208 - 214
The Mainstream Scientific Community is Open to Incremental but not Holistic Ideas
 Maurice Goodman
Pages: 215 - 216
A Comment on Can Our Mind Emit Light at 7300 km Distance?
 Hartmut Grote
Pages: 217 - 220
Word recognition semantic processing defects in Chinese children with developmental dyslexia: An event-related potential study
 Enguo Wang, Guangya Zhou,Yanfeng Wang, Haiwei Huang,Yabin Hou, Jinping Liu
Pages: 221 - 231
Indian Women Writers: Feminist Perspective
 Madhubala Sharma
Pages: 284 - 291
Predicting Chronic disease using Kernel Based Xception Deep Learning Perfect
 Sita S
Pages: 292 - 297
Common Fixed Point Theorems For Compatible Mappings of Type (A) In Dislocated Metric Spaces
 Naveen Jha
Pages: 298 - 305