Volume 16 No 2 (2018)
The Epistemological Crisis in Modern Physics
 Amrit Sorli, Steven Kaufman
Pages: 1 - 5
The Driver’s Steering Feel Assessment Using EEG and EMG signals G
 Gao Zhenhai, Fan Da
Pages: 6 - 13
Results from a Quasi-experimental Study of a Training Intervention for Healthy Eating Behaviors of Students
 Jin Zhou
Pages: 19 - 24
Study of Emotional Changes Based on Neural Management and Electroencephalogram Experiments on Low-carbon Consumption Behavior
 Qian Wang
Pages: 25 - 31
Gait Recognition Via Coalitional Game-based Feature Selection and Extreme Learning Machine
 Yiming Tian, Wei Chen, Lifeng Li , Xitai Wang, Zuojun Liu
Pages: 32 - 39
An Image Sharing-based Solution for Secure Inpatient Medication Administration
 Wen-Cheng Wang , Yen-Wu Ti, Shang-Kuan Chen
Pages: 40 - 44
A Cognitive Therapy Intervention Programme Increases Working Memory in Students with Learning Disabilities
 Nan Zhang , Yang Kong
Pages: 45 - 49
The Neural Correlates of Celebrity Power on Product Favorableness: An fMRI Study
 Yeon Sung Jung , Yang-Tae Kim , Jong-Su Baeck , Jongmin Lee, Jin Goo Kim, Yongmin Chang
Pages: 50 - 58
Control of Hopf Bifurcations in Hodgkin-Huxley Neurons by Automatic Temperature Manipulation
 Reşat Özgür Doruk
Pages: 59 - 74
Design of a Microelectronic Neurobridge Device for the Paralyzed Limbs and Motor Function Reconstruction
 Kun Liu , Jieshu Gao
Pages: 75 - 82
How Many Light Bulbs Will it Take to Change Cognitive Neuroscience?
 Donald Mender
Pages: 89 - 90
An Analytical Research on Optimization of the Photovoltaic Pumping System Control
 Faiz Ahmad, Shahzad Ahsan, Rashid Mustafa
Pages: 91 - 100
Hoffman’s Interface Theory from a Bio-Psychological Perspective
 Franz Klaus Jansen
Pages: 92 - 101