Volume 16 No 3 (2018)
Relevance of Quantum Mechanics in Bacterial Communication
 Sarangam Majumdar, Sisir Roy
Pages: 1 - 6
Experimential Methodology in Consciousness Research
 Amrit Sorli, Steve Kaufman
Pages: 7 - 11
Brain Information Optimization and Ethical Behavior
 Emmanuel Chauvet
Pages: 12 - 22
Efficiency of Double Inversion Recovery (DIR) Sequence in the Evaluation of Supratentorial Cortical Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis
 Gulhan Ertan, Ozge Arici , Sila Ulus , Baris Metin
Pages: 23 - 29
Application of Diffusion Weighted Imaging with Background Body Signal Suppression in Brain Neurography
 Jinsong Zhang
Pages: 30 - 34
Research on the Effect of Yoga on the Recovery of Motor and Neurological Functions of Stroke Patients
 Fang Wang
Pages: 35 - 40
Rasch Analysis on the Academic Motivation Scale in Portuguese University Students
 Paulo Lopes , Rute Silva , Jorge Oliveira , Inês Ambrósio , Dalila Ferreira , Carina Crespo , Fernando Feiteira , Pedro J. Rosa
Pages: 41 - 46
Matter and Information - Objectivity and Subjectivity
 Syamala D. Hari
Pages: 47 - 55
Enhancing Innovation Behaviour of Enterprise Personnel through Neurofeedback Training Based on Electroencephalography
 Ye Zheng
Pages: 61 - 67
Research on the Evaluation and DecisionMaking of Product Premium Based on Electroencephalography (EEG) Testing Technology
 Xiaheng Zhang
Pages: 68 - 74
Decision-Making Mechanism under Economic Management Risk Based on Event-related Potential Neuroimaging Technique
 Ronggang Zhang
Pages: 75 - 82
A Visual Coding Method for Geographic Statistics Based on the Pattern Recognition Feature of Optic Nerve in Cerebral Cortex
 Zuofei Tan, Zhaoxia Wang, Shenglin Li, Qinghui Ren, Bo Song
Pages: 83 - 90
A Randomized Controlled Trial for Solving Job Stress of Financial Employees Based on Neurofeedback Training
 Changju Liu, Hongwang Cha
Pages: 91 - 96
Design and Implementation of Real-time Braincomputer Interface System Based on LabVIEW
 Chang Liu
Pages: 97 - 104
IoT Security Enhancement with Machine Learning-based Intrusion Detection Systems
 Poornima, Naheeda Tharannum B, Sushma T Shedole
Pages: 105 - 118