Volume 16 No 5 (2018)
Encryption and Information Network
 Daegene Song
Pages: 1 - 6
Effects of High-quality Nursing Services on the Neurological Functions and Abilities of Daily Living of Stroke Patients
 Ying Zhang, Li Qin , Yuanyuan Shi , Chongli Zhong
Pages: 7 - 12
The Effect of Activities Congruent with Brain Based Learning Model on Students’ Mathematical Achievement
 Mustafa Erol , Gülşah Batdal Karaduman
Pages: 13 - 22
Minkowski Space-time and Einstein’s Now Conundrum
 Amrit Sorli, Steve Kaufman , Davide Fiscaletti
Pages: 23 - 30
Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment of Children's Wernicke’s Encephalopathy
 Yinsen Song, Yinghui Zhang, PengBo Guo, Lili Ge, Bo Zhang, Lei Liu, Jingui Kong, Chongfen Chen, Shuying Luo
Pages: 35 - 38
Nursing Management Method for Thrombolysis Time Window of Cerebral Ischemic Stroke
 Yan Sun, Feng Tian
Pages: 39 - 43
Effects of siRNA Targeting Interference of APE1 Gene on Proliferation and Apoptosis of Glioma Cells
 Rui Wang , Bo Wei , Le Wang , Daliang Kong , Guozhang Hu , Chao Du
Pages: 44 - 52
Emotional Inhibitory Effect of Music Therapy on Anxiety Neurosis Based on Neural Content Analysis in Hippocampus
 Rong Chen
Pages: 53 - 59
A Study on Chinese LIFE Metaphors from Corpus-Based Approach
 Ruifeng LUO
Pages: 67 - 75
The Impact of Students' Personal Characteristics on Tibetan Language Attitude and Acquisition: A survey of the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, China
 Yongtao Gan , Sude, Junjun Xie , Li Cheng , Youran Tan , Fen Zhang
Pages: 76 - 83
Effects of Tunnel Environment on Speed Cognitive Skills in Drivers
 Xingli Jia, Jinliang Xu , Lei XU
Pages: 84 - 90
Improvement in University Students’ Critical Thinking Following a Strategic Thinking Training Program
 Junwei Lou
Pages: 91 - 96
Academic Stress and Evaluation of a Mindfulness Training Intervention Program
 Chenlin Ying, ChangJiang Liu , Jingzhou He , Jinfeng Wang
Pages: 97 - 103
Internalizing Behavior Disorders Symptoms Reduction by a Social Skills Training Program among Chinese Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial
 Haiyun Sang, Dingliang Tan
Pages: 104 - 109
Quantum Mechanics Requires an Observer Context Distinguishing Between Reality and its Mental Representation
 Franz Klaus Jansen
Pages: 110 - 121
Remarks on Computability and Stability
 Daegene Song
Pages: 122 - 126
Ontology and Epistemology of Basic Problems of Philosophy Based on Cognitive Neurology
 Weifu Liu
Pages: 127 - 133
A New Aerobics Training Method Based on Electroencephalogram
 Xuehong Sun
Pages: 134 - 140
Protective Effects of Loofah Leaf-extract on Nerve Cell Injury
 Chunjie Liu , Limin Dong
Pages: 141 - 145
Brain Science and Physical Education-to Promote Harmonious Development of Students with Combination of Left and Right Brain in Physical Education
 Wei Guo
Pages: 146 - 152
Electroencephalogram Analysis of Athletes with Over-training Syndrome
 Fang Bian
Pages: 153 - 157
Motivation of Enterprise Motivation Management Mechanism Based on Neuromanagement
 Xiaheng Zhang
Pages: 158 - 164
Water Disaster Risk Perception and Behavior Strategy Analysis Based on the Neurology of Consciousness
 Qi Liu, Dianwu Wang
Pages: 165 - 171
Tennis Teaching and Variation Pattern of Neurotransmitter Based on Electroencephalographic Testing Technology
 Yuanguo Liu, Xin Wang
Pages: 172 - 178
Investment Behavior of Board Group Decisionmaking Based on Event-related Potential
 Xiquan Wang
Pages: 179 - 185
The Relationship between Geological Disaster Risk Perception and Behavior Characteristics Based on Electroencephalogram Testing Technology
 Mingli Yang , Yihui Chen , Zeyu Liu , Jianxiong Ma
Pages: 186 - 192
Teaching Strategies of Chinese Language History Class Based on Brain Science
 Zhubing Cao , Kangcheng Li
Pages: 193 - 198
Analysis of Charitable Donation Behavior Based on Neuroscience
 Liang Tang, Shanshan Hou
Pages: 199 - 204
Evolution Process of Recycling Chain of Takeout Packages Based on Behavioural Science
 Huiyan Wang, Jia Li , Yong Li , Guoqing Chen
Pages: 215 - 225
Brain Mechanism of Decision-making Behavior in Enterprise Employee Innovation Management
 Zhaoqing Zhong
Pages: 226 - 233
Experimental Research with Combination of Whole Brain Teaching and Basketball Techniques
 Delin Yang
Pages: 240 - 245
Brain Automatic Process of Auditory Pathway of Students Majored in Basketball
 Wei Yao
Pages: 251 - 255
Group Effect and Its Influence on Economic Decision-making Based on Brain Evoked Potential Analysis
 Yuwen Zheng, Weixian Xue
Pages: 256 - 260
Impact of Online Evaluation and Sales on Consumer Online Shopping Behavior based on Brain evoked potential
 Tiantian Tang, Pei Hu
Pages: 261 - 265
The Voluntary Supply of R&D Investment for Generic Technology Based on Managers’ Cognition of Brain
 Chengliang Wang, Shouwei Li
Pages: 273 - 283
Objective Decision-making Brain Mechanism of PublicPrivate-Partnerships Project Risk Management Based on Decision Neuroscience Theory
 Jinglei Meng, Guoyi Xiu
Pages: 284 - 289
On the Impacts of Loss of Brain-Neural Functions on Creativity in Graphic Design
 Man Zhu
Pages: 290 - 295
Research Method Innovation of College Students' Ideological and Political Education Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
 Fanfan Li
Pages: 296 - 302
Analysis of the Characteristics of Thinking Control during Basketball Free Throw Based on Electroencephalogram
 Jiaben Su , Bo Yang
Pages: 303 - 311
Cognitive Mechanism of Economic Management Risk Based on Correlation Potential Neuroimaging
 Lei Zhi
Pages: 312 - 318
Public Health Expenditure and Labour Productivity: A Tentative Interpretation Based on the Science of Brain Cognition
 Feng Wei, Yufeng Xia, Yu Kong
Pages: 319 - 333
Creative Teaching Model of Civil Engineering Classroom Based on Brain Cognitive Science
 Chunquan Dai, Yunlong Lv, Wenzeng Hou
Pages: 334 - 340
Comparative Study on the Effects of Lighting on Cognitive Ergonomics in Single and Multi-Working Modes
 Zhigang Hu , Cui Yi, Jing Hao, Xianling Qiao, Xiya Guo
Pages: 341 - 349
College Students’ Political Belief and Atheism Cognition Based on Electroencephalogram Testing Technology
 Yaodong Zhang, Xiaona Guo , Yawei Li , Zeng Wang, Le Shi
Pages: 350 - 355
Cognitive Mechanism of Language Transfer: Brain Potential Data Analysis in English Comprehension
 Lei Wang
Pages: 369 - 374
Application of Brain Science in English Classroom Design
 Xuan Wang
Pages: 375 - 380
Brain-Science-Based Teaching Method for Natural Science Education
 Yanping Qiu
Pages: 381 - 386
Influencing Factors of Students’ Acceptance of Blended Learning Based on Cognitive Neural Network
 Yongchang Zhang
Pages: 387 - 395
Brain Mechanism of Economic Management Risk Decision Based on Kahneman’s Prospect Theory
 Tao Gan
Pages: 401 - 406
Neural Correlates of Behavioral Preference for Executive and Bank Risk-taking
 Nan Xie, Zongrun Wang , Yanju Zhou
Pages: 415 - 427
English Teaching Innovation Classroom Based on Whole Brain Theory
 Lidan Mao, Yanhong Zhang
Pages: 437 - 445
Generation Mechanism of Architectural Design Inspiration Based on the Theory of Brain Subconsciousness
 Zhuo Bian, Zhiqing Zhao
Pages: 446 - 453
Cognition, Emotion and Brain Mechanism: Neural Mechanism of Animation Cognition Based on Gender Difference
 Qian Jiang, Li Ma , Saiyong Zhang
Pages: 454 - 460
Analysis and Brain Mechanism of English Learning Characteristics of College Students Considering Self-Efficacy Regulation
 Qianjiao Wang
Pages: 461 - 467
Civil Servants’ Cognitive Evaluation of Performance Appraisal Based on Computational Neuroscience
 Qiuhong Sun, Xinhang Xu, Qiong Han
Pages: 468 - 475
Knowledge Sharing of Online Health Community Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
 Jiang Shen, Panpan Zhu, Man Xu
Pages: 476 - 480
A Dynamic Bounded Rationality Model for Technology Selection in Cognition Process
 Li Zhou, Songlin Wang
Pages: 488 - 494
Application of Cognitive Neuroscience in Color Composition in Graphic Design
 Yuanxin Shan
Pages: 495 - 499
Visualization of Abstract Audio-visual Information: An Analysis of Art Cognitive Activity Based on Electroencephalogram
 Wei Shi
Pages: 500 - 505
Best Teaching Strategies of English Vocabulary Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
 Ye Wei
Pages: 506 - 510
Brain Science and Music-Research on Pitch Perception Based on Brain Evoked Potential
 Xiaoling Wu, Guodong Sun
Pages: 511 - 516
Neurocognitive Science and Design: Influence of Cognitive Theory on the Design Process of Featured Towns' Cultural and Creative Product
 Chi Xu, Yang Wu
Pages: 517 - 522
Educational Equity Based on Brain Cognitive Behavior Science
 Huilan Yue
Pages: 523 - 529
Influence of Technology Innovation on Economic Growth Patterns from a Brain Cognition Based Approach
 Hongwei Wu , Yongmei Liu
Pages: 530 - 536
EEG Experiment Research on the Effects of Neuroscience-Based Managerial Tax Avoidance on the Firm value
 Rui Ji, Zhemin Shan
Pages: 537 - 545
Impact Mechanism of Tourism Risk Perception Based on Psychological Theory and Brain Cognitive Science
 Xiu Wen
Pages: 546 - 552
Cognitive Decision-making and Public Opinions
 Wang Mo
Pages: 553 - 560
Driving Force of Housing Industrialization Based on Brain Cognitive Neuroscience
 Chenghua Zhang, Jisheng Qiu, Xiao Guan , Piji Hou, Wei Huang
Pages: 561 - 566
How Investor Sentiment Impacts Financial Decision-making Behavior: From A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective
 Fengtao Hua , Jinbo Wang
Pages: 567 - 573
Comprehensive Evaluation of Utilization of Organic Wastes as Resources Based on Cognitive Behavioral Science
 Qingsheng Zhou, Yao Wang , Xinzheng Li, Yichuan Zhang
Pages: 574 - 579
Risk Decision of Corporate Internet Financial Reporting Based on Brain Evoked Potential Testing Technology
 Lingyan Ou
Pages: 594 - 600
Behavioral Decision in Development of Henan Animation Industry under “Internet+” Environment
 Cong Cui
Pages: 601 - 605
Application of Brain Neuroscience in the Discussion of Multimedia English Teaching Mode
 Min Zhang
Pages: 606 - 610
Cognition and Management Methods of Marine Environmental Protection in China Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
 Enqian Ouyang, Xiaodong Tou, Xiurong Huang
Pages: 619 - 625
Small Private Online Course English Teaching Mode Based on Image Schema Theory of Cognitive Linguistics
 Ying Qi , Tao Zhang, Jiuru Huang
Pages: 626 - 632
Influence of Context in Literature on Brain Processing Mechanism of Three-word Verb-object Metaphor
 Hua Wang
Pages: 633 - 637
Cognitive Neural Mechanism of Chinese College Students in English Sentence Processing with Brain evoked potential
 Wenlian Zhan, Zhulin Shen
Pages: 638 - 643
Brain Evoked Potential Analysis of Second Language Acquisition from the Perspective of Neurolinguistics
 Yan Liu
Pages: 644 - 648
Evaluation of Table Tennis Skills Based on Whole Brain Teaching
 Yucheng Zhou
Pages: 649 - 653
Brain evoked potential Analysis of Effects of Popular Music Training on Adolescents' Cognitive Neurobehavioral Plasticity
 Liang Yu
Pages: 654 - 658
Impact of Country of Origin and Brand Logo on the Acceptance of Luxury Price Based on Brain Evoked Potential Analysis
 Ying Cheng , Tianhua Wang
Pages: 659 - 663
Cognitive Fatigue in Memory Task Error of Middle School Students based on Brain Evoked Potential
 Haoning Tian
Pages: 669 - 675
Influencing Mechanism of Carbonyl and Thiophene on Cranial Nerve Based on Their Bridging and Steric Hindrance Effects on Titanium Coordination Compound
 Zhiping Deng, Yuan Li
Pages: 676 - 685
Influence of Cadmium on Nerve Cells of the Brain and the Neuroprotective Effect of Ca2+ Chelator and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine
 Zhongming Han , Xu Guo , Yu Si , Xin Tian , Yunhe Wang
Pages: 686 - 692
A Web-Based English Teaching Module on the Administration of Electroencephalography-Based Neurofeedback Training for Chinese Students
 Liping Zhang
Pages: 693 - 698
Hyperspectral Image Recognition Based on Artificial Neural Network
 Feng Liang, Hanhu Liu, Xiao Wang, Yanyan Liu
Pages: 699 - 705
Electroencephalographic Characteristic of Automatic Calibration of Finger Movements in Graphic Design
 Jian Liu
Pages: 706 - 712
Coding and Anti-jamming Strategy for Color Recognition in Mind in Graphic Design
 Huiling Li
Pages: 713 - 718
Imaging Experiment of Brain Cognitive Activity Based on EEG and Its Philosophical Influence
 Fang Ren
Pages: 719 - 724
Application of Computer-Aided Diagnosis Technology in Brain Tumour Detection
 Fengmei Gao , Tao Lin
Pages: 725 - 733
Slope Stability Analysis Based on the Radial Basis Function Neural Network of the Cerebral Cortex
 Zhe Qin, Xuxin Chen , Houli Fu, Shanchao Hu, Jing Wang
Pages: 734 - 740
A Discrete Multi-Objective Optimization Method for Hardware/Software Partitioning Problem Based on Cuckoo Search and Elite Strategy
 Wei Xiong, Bing Guo, Yan Shen, Wenli Zhang
Pages: 749 - 756
A Method of Ultrasonic Image Recognition for Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network
 Yonghua Wang, Wei Ke, Pin Wan
Pages: 757 - 768
A Dual Factor Analysis System of Talus Slope Stability Based on Post-Processing of Electroencephalography Data
 Huiming Liu, Changming Wang, Nan Jiang, Bing Wang
Pages: 769 - 775
Oil Well Productivity Computation Based on a Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architecture
 Yu Yuan, Suian Zhang , Shuqin Yuan, Yanqiang Wu, Xinjia Liu , Hongli Wang
Pages: 776 - 782
Control Model of Watershed Water Environment System Simulating Human Neural Network Structure
 Wei Zheng
Pages: 783 - 788
Software Group Rejuvenation Based on Matrix Completion and Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller
 Li Su, Yong Qi
Pages: 789 - 795
Ground Harmonic Current Compensation Based on Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller
 Chenxi Jia , Dong Yang, Xinzheng Pu
Pages: 796 - 900
Sub-health Screening Management of Employees Based on Brain Evoked Potential Analysis
 Zhenyao Ma
Pages: 801 - 805
Constitutive Modelling for Restrained Recovery of Shape Memory Alloys Based on Artificial Neural Network
 Shuang Wu , Shougen Zhao, Dafang Wu, Yunfeng Wang
Pages: 806 - 813
Urban Expansion Pattern Analysis and Planning Implementation Evaluation Based on using Fully Convolution Neural Network to Extract Land Range
 Huanan Li , Yuanhua Jia, Yang Zhou
Pages: 814 - 822
Effect of Yoga Exercise on Cognitive Ability and Motor Function Recovery in Stroke Patient
 Haiying Ji, Lirong Yu
Pages: 822 - 827
dentification and Classification of Electroencephalogram Signals Based on Independent Component Analysis
 Chao Zhang , Jing Xu, Su Pan, Yudan Yang
Pages: 832 - 838
Evaluation of Scale Effect of Fragmented Agricultural Land Transfer Based on Neural Network
 Lingjuan Tai , Linhong Li , Jun Du
Pages: 839 - 846
Application of Phase Optical Time Domain Reflectometry in Brain Tumor Surgery
 Song Wang, Yanzhu Hu
Pages: 856 - 861
Valence of User's Emotion for Product Appearance based on Facial Electromyography
 Sha Liu, Baoyue Zhang, Jin Wang, Feng Yang
Pages: 870 - 880
Consumer Nostalgia Based on Brain Evoked Potential
 Xianghua Xiao
Pages: 886 - 890
EEG analysis of Attention Resource Allocation of Tennis Players
 Yan Liu, Xin Sun
Pages: 891 - 895
Determination and Correlation Analysis of Mental Health Influencing Factors Among Ant Tribe Young Intellectuals Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
 Bo Liu, Lichuan Luo, Qianyin Xiao
Pages: 901 - 906
Psychological Mechanism of Adolescent Internet Addiction and Brain Functional Imaging
 Gui Xiao
Pages: 915 - 920