Volume 16 No 6 (2018)
Decoherence in a Quantum Neural Network
 Deniz Türkpençe, Tahir Çetin Akıncı, Serhat Şeker
Pages: 1 - 5
Does Sport Addiction Enhance Frontal Executive Function? The Case of Badminton
 Minji Kwon, Yujin Kim, Hyunji Kim, Jingu Kim
Pages: 13 - 21
Quantum Information Theory Applied to Unconscious and Consciousness
 François Martin, Federico Carminati† and Giuliana Galli Carminati‡
Pages: 16 - 33
Mediating Effect of Self-worth and Depression on the Relationship between Subjective Age and Subjective Well-being of the Elderly
 Hongyan Chen
Pages: 22 - 27
A New BP Neural Network Model for the Prediction Problem of Equally Spaced Time Sequences and Its Application
 Mengxia Li Ruiquan Liao , Yong Dong
Pages: 28 - 32
Self-confidence Group Psychological Intervention of College Students Based on EEG Test Technology - Take Patients with Social Anxiety Disorder as an Example
 Xia Hong
Pages: 33 - 38
Relationship between Cardiovascular Events and Cerebral Apoplexy in the Elderly
 Xiaoli Yan , Junhui Zhang, Lili Chen , Shilan Luo
Pages: 39 - 43
Functional Recovery of Spinal Cord and Cranial Nerve of Patient Before and After Cervical Spinal Canal Decompression Surgery
 Yang Liu, Liansuo Zhang, Zhanyong Wu
Pages: 44 - 48
The Role and Immune Mechanism of BrainDerived Neurotrophic Factor in the Development of Rat Bone Tumor Pain
 Xiaoxi Cai, Weilong Lin, Chengwei Liang, Yongqian Fan
Pages: 49 - 53
Mutation of Brain Function in Patients with Herpes Zoster Pain
 Jun Xie, Gang Liu, Siyu Wang, Lei Yan, Bei Zhao
Pages: 54 - 58
Relationship between Moderate-Severe Periodontitis and Ischemic Stroke
 Yu Gao, Zhifeng Wang, Xu Qiao , Xin Xu
Pages: 59 - 63
Effects of Wushu Exercise on Cognitive and Motor Function of Patients with Mild Cerebral Apoplexy
 Yong Wang
Pages: 64 - 70
Comparison of the Effects of Total Intravenous Anesthesia and Intravenous Inhalational Anesthesia on Brain Metabolism during Surgery
 Zijin Shen , Jianhua Qiu , Zhiyuan Wang , Rong Dong
Pages: 76 - 80
The Expression and Significance of Drainderived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and Its Specific Receptor Trk B in Colon Cancer Cells
 Yi Liu, Lunhui Zhang, Liang Xu
Pages: 81 - 85
Effect of Whole Brain Radiotherapy Dose on Breast Cancer Brain Metastases Survival
 Fenghua Chen , Min Wang, Jianfeng Wang, Guiming Chen
Pages: 86 - 90
Neuroglobin Expression on Rat Brain Tissue with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
 Gang Xiao , Guangyuan Jiang, Chao Luo, Xing Peng, Zhipeng Teng
Pages: 91 - 95
Effect of Dehydration in Late Pregnancy on Fetal Rat Growth and Fetal Brain RAS Receptor Expression
 Wenxia Chen, Longying Tang
Pages: 96 - 100
Glioma Screening and Classification Based on Magnetic Resonance
 Rui Wang, Bo Wei , Le Wang , Daliang Kong, Guozhang Hu, Chao Du
Pages: 101 - 104
The Efficacy of a Transactional Analysis Training Program for Married University Students' Spiritual Intelligence: A Randomized Controlled Study
 Kuo Zhang, Dengfeng Wang
Pages: 105 - 111
The Effects of a 10-Week Interpersonal Relationships Intervention on Self-Esteem in College Students
 Yan Chen
Pages: 112 - 117
valuating the Effectiveness of Snyder's TheoryBased Group Hope Therapy to Improve SelfEfficacy of University Students in Finance
 Manwen Tian, Shurong Yan , Ning Wang
Pages: 118 - 124
Discussion and Analysis on the Postgraduate Classroom Teaching Method Based on Brain Science
 Li Wang
Pages: 125 - 131
Enlightenment on Vocal Music Classroom Teaching from the Perspective of Neuroscience
 Yongfang Zhang
Pages: 132 - 137
Influence of Investor Sentiment on Stock Returns- Analysis of A- shares in China
 Ling Wang, Dalai Ma , Ling Tang , Ji Ma
Pages: 138 - 144
Effect of Risk Preference on Entrepreneurial Cooperative Behavior in Industrial Clusters: Based on Neuromanagement and Event-Related Potentials Experiment
 Hao Liu, Dongmei Xu
Pages: 144 - 151
Cause Analysis and Control of Thyroid Disease Based on Cognitive Behavior Science
 Yan Zhao, Jiajing Le, LiFeng Zhu, Ming Zuo
Pages: 152 - 157
Regional Energy Consumption Differences and Neural Mechanism of Environmental Risk Decision Making in China
 Yixin Xing
Pages: 164 - 170
Influence Mechanism of Construction Workers' Safety Psychology on their Safety Behavior Based on Event-related Potentials
 Qing Liu
Pages: 171 - 175
Sports Situation-Based Neural Mechanism of Highlevel Volleyball Players' Decision-making Behavior
 Huayu Zhao
Pages: 176 - 180
Characteristics of Cerebral Cortical Reaction of Table Tennis Players in the Vision-Space Selection Response Task
 Delin Yang
Pages: 181 - 185
Relationship between Extraversion and Employees’ Innovative Behavior and Moderating Effect of Organizational Innovative Climate
 Yuyan Luo, Zhi Cao, Lu Yin, Huiqin Zhang, Zhong Wang
Pages: 186 - 194
Activation Process of Brain Perception during the Serve Action of Table Tennis Players
 Jiang An
Pages: 195 - 199
Decision-making Neuroscience-based Research on Stock Herd and Anti-herd Behavior
 Ruowei Zhang
Pages: 200 - 204
Consumers’ Food Safety Risk Perception of and Consumption Decision-making Behaviour
 Wei Ling
Pages: 205 - 212
Relationship between Negative Emotion and Investment Behavior of Enterprises
 Jiankun Chu, Xing Liu, Runren Wu, Ling Zhang , Yingji Li , Hyunrae Cho
Pages: 213 - 218
Trust Game and Behaviour Pattern of Public-Private Partnership Project Management Team Based on EEG
 Jinglei Meng, Guoyi Xiu
Pages: 219 - 226
Behavioral Experiment and Event-related Potentials Experimental Study of the Psychological Mechanism of Art Aesthetic Processing
 Feng Xue
Pages: 227 - 231
Status Identification and Identity Construction of Ethnic Minorities in the United States Based on Brain Cognitive Science
 Hui Wang , Yiwei Zhao
Pages: 232 - 239
Training of Measurement & Control Technology Talents Based on the Concept of Whole Brain Education
 Juan Tang , Lihua Li , Wendi Wang
Pages: 240 - 246
Influence Mechanism on Health Disparities Based on Brain Cognition, Mass Media and Life Style
 Yaqing Chan
Pages: 247 - 253
On the Characteristics of On-the-Spot Tactical Decision Making and Cognitive Mechanism in Tennis Teaching
 Xin Wang, Yuanguo Liu
Pages: 254 - 260
Catch-up of Chinese Engineering Technical Standards from the Perspective of Cognitive Legitimacy
 Songlin Wang, Zhen Tang, Hongwei Sun, Ruzhao Wang
Pages: 261 - 267
Effect and Mechanism of Total Quality Management on Enterprise Innovation Performance Based on Cognitive Behavior Science
 Feng Zhou , Xiaomin Gu, Yuanjun Zhao
Pages: 268 - 274
Brain’s Distributed Cognitive System - with Sports Culture Cognition as an Example
 Yi Liu
Pages: 275 - 281
Brain Mechanism for the Feeling of Education Fairness Based on EEG
 Fenghua , Linyan Xue, Shipeng Zhang , Wei Zhang
Pages: 282 - 285
Influence of Social Factors on the Group Belongingness of Residents in Small Towns and Its Underlying Neural Base
 Lili Dong, Wei Wang
Pages: 287 - 294
Evaluating the Effect of Positive Ideological Intervention on Psychological Flexibility of College Students
 Zhongjiao Wan
Pages: 295 - 300
Cognition & Innovation: Roles of Cognitive Neuroscience in Fostering Awareness of Innovation in Manufacture Industry
 Chongjie Zhang, Jue Wang
Pages: 301 - 307
Application of Situational Cognition Theory in Teaching of Vocal Music Performance
 Xiaona Zhao
Pages: 308 - 313
Cognitive Mechanism of Economic Management Risk Based on EEG Analysis
 Ruiwei Duan
Pages: 320 - 325
Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Decisionmaking Behavior Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
 Bin Wang
Pages: 326 - 333
School-Choice Behavior and Game Based on Brain Cognition
 Zunguo Hu, Xiangdong Liang, Yaozhong Wang
Pages: 334 - 340
The Relationship between Self-efficacy and Job Burnout of Ideological and Political Teacher Based on Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
 Li Zhang
Pages: 341 - 347
Ecological Innovation Decision Behavior of Enterprises in the Strategic Emerging Industrial Clusters Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
 Xing Li , Lin Liu
Pages: 357 - 365
Modern Design and Cognitive Neuroscience: Impact of Cognitive Theory on Green Package Design
 Yuanxin Shan
Pages: 366 - 370
Inhibition Effect of Spatial Attention on Surroundings in Discrimination Task
 Linyan Xue, Kun Liu, Shipeng Zhang, Kun Yang
Pages: 371 - 378
Music-induced Emotions and Musical Regulation and Emotion Improvement Based on EEG Technology
 Xiaoling Wu, Guodong Sun
Pages: 379 - 384
Cognition and Design: Selection of Illustration Style in Native Products Packaging Design Based on Neurocognitive Science
 Yang Wu , Chi Xu
Pages: 385 - 390
Neural Mechanism of Simple Sentence Processing in L2 Learners of English with Different Proficiency
 Jing Wang
Pages: 405 - 409
Effects of Life Background on Chinese College Students' Cognition about Animal Welfare
 Guoan Yin, Langchao Yu, Dongsheng Quan, Yan Zhang , Wei Ding , Yuanbo Liu, Liwei Guan
Pages: 410 - 417
An Event-related Potentials on the Euphemism Construal Mechanism in Literary Expression
 Siming Zhou , Hong Wan
Pages: 418 - 422
Western Culture Acquisition of Young Cadres Based on Cognitive Linguistics
 Jing Shao
Pages: 423 - 429
Innovative Decision-making Mechanism Based on Cognitive Science-Taking Rural Financial Services as an Example
 Xiaohong Dong
Pages: 430 - 436
A Comparative Study of the Brain Mechanism of Metaphor between Chinese and English
 Feng Lu
Pages: 441 - 445
Neu-Efficiency of Table Tennis Player in the Cognitive Task with Central Resource Consumption
 Yucheng Zhou
Pages: 446 - 450
Neural Mechanism for Spatial Memory Exposed to Mozart Music
 Qinglan Du, Bing Wu
Pages: 451 - 455
Clothing Accessory Design Based on Sensory Experience
 Qin Zhou
Pages: 460 - 465
Neural Mechanism of Subjective Malignancy’ s Influence on the Decision-making of Simulated Sentencing
 Li Yang
Pages: 466 - 470
Graphic Creative Design Based on Subconsciousness Theory
 Qing Liu
Pages: 471 - 477
Influence of Brand Logo on the Neuropsychological Mechanism of Luxury Goods Price Acceptance
 Jingjing Wang
Pages: 478 - 482
Cognitive Mechanism and Behavior Law of Trust among Partnership Entrepreneurship Partners Based on Event-Related Potential
 Jindong Hu, Ning Tian
Pages: 483 - 486
Career Planning Decision-making of College Students Based on Cognitive Science
 Shensheng Chen, Kai Zhou
Pages: 487 - 493
Influences of Value Perception on Farmers’ Technology Adoption Tendency and Conditional Response-Based on the Micro Data of 338 Farmers
 Zhengsong Yu, Xiaojian Li, Erling Li, Yeqing Cheng, Junhui Mo
Pages: 494 - 500
Neurological Effect of the Aesthetics of Product Design on the Decision-making Process of Consumers
 Yakun Chen
Pages: 501 - 506
Cognitive Mechanism and Behavioral Law of Trust among Cooperative Innovation Partners in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Based on Event Related Potentials
 Zhilong Xu , Shuai Zhai
Pages: 507 - 511
Visual Search, Prediction Ability and Brain Neural Mechanisms of Different of Female Volleyball Players
 Yuchen Zhou
Pages: 512 - 516
Recognition Algorithm of Driving Fatigue Related Problems Based on EEG Signals
 Yun L
Pages: 517 - 523
Prediction Method for Energy Consumption of High-rise Buildings Based on Artificial Neural Network and Big Data Analysis
 Wenbin Kuai
Pages: 524 - 530
Neural Net Prediction Analysis for Rock Mass Elastic Modulus Based on Joint Fissure Characteristics
 Yushu Li, Yuyang Yuan
Pages: 531 - 536
Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement Based on BP Neural Network
 Lili He, Han Zhu, Zhanxu Gao
Pages: 537 - 545
Evaluation of Resource-Capabilities of Original Equipment Manufacturers upgrading: Based on BP Neural Network
 Dali Hu, Jinrong Yu
Pages: 546 - 553
Ability of Compensation for the Subjects of Agricultural Natural Disasters Based on Brain Evoked Potential Experiment
 Lin Li, Zan Guo, Yuchang Guo, Xiaoya Ren, Qi Lv, Qian Zhang
Pages: 554 - 563
Packaging Domain-Based Named Entity Recognition with Multi-Layer Neural Networks
 Changyun Li, Yuezhong Wu1, Fanghuai Hu, Changsheng Liu
Pages: 564 - 569
Cleaner Production Assessment for Wastewater Treatment Plants Based on Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network
 Fang He, Jian Wang, Wei Chen
Pages: 578 - 585
Prediction of Excavation and Settlement of Shallow-buried Tunnel Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network of Human Brain
 Xiaoping Cao
Pages: 591 - 597
BP Artificial Neural Network and its Application Based on LM Algorithm
 Luo Qiu, Dexian Zhang, Hao Huang, Qiming Xiong , Gui Zhang
Pages: 598 - 605
Group Cognition and Conformity under the Influence of Network Public Opinion Based on EEG Testing Technology
 Zuowei Zhao
Pages: 606 - 612
Accuracy Evaluation Method of Stable Platform Inertial Navigation System Based on Quantum Neural Network
 Chao Huang, Guoxing Yi, Qingshuang Zen
Pages: 613 - 618
Multi-Sensor Integration Based on a New Quantum Neural Network Model for LandVehicle Navigation
 Debao Yuan , Liangli Cai, Meng Li, Chen Liang, Xiaobo Hou
Pages: 619 - 624
Application in Dynamic Path Selection for Emergency Vehicles Based on Hybrid Cuckoo Algorithm Optimizing Neural Network Model
 Feng Yang, Chunming Ye, Jianfeng Ren
Pages: 625 - 637
Real-time Strength Prediction of Different Types of Concrete Based on BP Neural Network
 Zhuo Yang , Mengxiong Tang , Xuan Ji ,Hesong Hu
Pages: 650 - 656
Monitoring Information Pre-warning System of Foundation Pit Engineering Based on Human Brain Cortex RBF Neural Network
 Xuan Ji, Hesong Hu, Zhuo Yang, Mengxiong Tang
Pages: 657 - 663
Inventory Prediction Based on Backpropagation Neural Network
 Lichuan Gu* , Yueyue Han, Chengji Wang, Guiyang Shu, Juanjuan Feng, Chao Wang
Pages: 664 - 673
Neural Network Predictive Control Method of Sand Mixing Device
 Meiqiu Li, Yuanhua Zhou , Ye Tian, Bangxiong Wu
Pages: 674 - 678
Automatic Image Annotation via Combining Low-level Colour Feature with Features Learned from Convolutional Neural Networks
 Yi Lin , Honggang Zhang
Pages: 679 - 685
Location Decision of Logistics Distribution Centers Based on Artificial Neural Network
 Jinting Nie
Pages: 686 - 691
Integrated Control System for Three-level Inverters based on Artificial Neural Network
 Yonghong Deng , Zhishan Liang
Pages: 692 - 698
Forming Quality Forecasting for Inner Threads Copper Tubes Based on Neural Network
 Chundi Jiang
Pages: 699 - 706
Intelligent Flood Disaster Forecasting Based on Improved Neural Network Algorithm
 Jie Zhang, Minquan Feng , Yu Wang
Pages: 707 - 714
Brain-Machine Interface Training System of Motor Imagery Based on Virtual Reality
 Xiaoxia Pan
Pages: 715 - 719
Analysis of the Radial Stiffness of Rubber Bush Used in Dynamic Vibration Absorber Based on Artificial Neural Network
 Lie Li, Beibei Sun , Miao He, Haitao Hua
Pages: 737 - 744
Energy Consumption Control and Optimization of Large Power Grid Operation Based on Artificial Neural Network Algorithm
 Xuan Gong
Pages: 745 - 752
Event-Related Potentials Analysis of Resilience Distraction Inhibition Ability of Students with Learning Disabilities
 Yin Wu
Pages: 754 - 757
Change of Cerebral Structural Plasticity of Track Athletes Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging
 Jianping Hu , Hongbin Jiang, Huawei Liang, Haibing Yang
Pages: 758 - 762
Establishment of Wheat Yield Prediction Model in Dry Farming Area Based on Neural Network
 Aiping Wang
Pages: 768 - 775
First Vehicle Arrival Time Prediction at Signalized Intersection Based on Wavelet-Elman Neural Network
 Guchang Ao , Huiling Zhang, Linyu Yang , Wuting Jiang
Pages: 776 - 782
A Visual Tracking Algorithm in Large-Scale Video with Convolutional Neural Networks
 Ying Wang, Xiaoju Ning
Pages: 783 - 788
EEG Classification Based on Sparse Representation and Deep Learning
 Guangchun Gao , Lina Shang, Kai Xiong, Jian Fang , Cui Zhang, Xuejun Gu
Pages: 789 - 795
Event-Related Potentials Signal Feature Classification Algorithm Based on Genetic Algorithm
 Bo Li, Baoxing Bai
Pages: 801 - 805
Impact of Strong Sound of Starting Guns on the Hearing Loss of Track and Field Athletes Based on Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential
 Xinbao Wang, Xuemin Zhao
Pages: 806 - 810
Effects of Morchella esculenta Acidic Polysaccharide on Nerve Growth Factor of Diabetes Mellitus Rats
 Chao Liu, Yonghai Su, Wei Cui, Na Xu
Pages: 816 - 821
Extraction of Oleanolic Acid from Clematis mandshurica and Protective Effect of the Acid on Neural Function and Early Brain Injury after Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
 Zhongming Han, Xin Tian, Xu Guo, Limin Yang, Mei Han and Yunhe Wang
Pages: 828 - 834
Progress of Essential Oils in Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
 Lin Ma, Qirong Lin, Dandan Lei, Ying Ni, Shan Liu, Ying Lei
Pages: 835 - 839
Analysis of Genetic Factors in Children with Cerebral Palsy
 Yinsen Song, Yinghui Zhang, PengBo Guo, Lili Ge, Bo Zhang, Lei Liu, Jingui Kong, Chongfen Chen, Shuying Luo
Pages: 845 - 848
Nursing Interventions of Children with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis
 Na Yang
Pages: 849 - 852
Recognition of Alzheimer’s Disease Related miRNAs Based on Genome-Wide Association Study Data
 Lin Cheng, Peihua Zhang, Wei Zhang
Pages: 853 - 857
Comparison of Effects of Sevoflurane and Propofol on Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism in Pediatric Anesthesia
 He Li,Hongyu Yang, Yanqin Wu , Zonghuai Pan, Wei Liu
Pages: 858 - 862
Clinical Nursing Practice for Fracture Healing Vs. Fracture Merge Cerebral Injury
 Hongxia Wang, Xiaoying Bao
Pages: 863 - 866
Effect of Nursing Intervention on Postoperative Acute Cerebral Syndrome in Elderly Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients
 Meijuan Yuan, Wenqin Yuan , Wencheng Kong
Pages: 872 - 876
Regulatory Mechanism of Circadian Clock in Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion
 Shaoqun Tang , Wei Huan , Fang Yang , Bin Li , Shanshan Cai
Pages: 877 - 881
Characteristics of Intestinal Microflora and Metabolites of Patients with Cranial Nerve Injury
 Jue Liao
Pages: 882 - 888
Comprehensive Continuing Nursing in Cerebral Stroke Patients Discharged from Hospital
 Min Zhang, Yang Yu, Yujun Chen, Guihong Fan
Pages: 889 - 893
Hereditary Coproporphyria Presenting with Weakness and Photosensitive Rash: A case Report and Literature Review
 Xinyuan Li, Hongliang Zhang, Li Cui, Lijun Zhu, Jing Liu, Heqian Du, Chenglin Wang, Shaokuan Fang
Pages: 889 - 893
Effects of Martial Arts on Recovery of Motor Function and Nerve Excitability of Stroke Patients
 Tao Chen
Pages: 894 - 898
Effect of Sanpian Decoction on CGRP, 5-HT and IL-1β in Peripheral Blood of Migraine Model Rats
 Yan Liu,Yonglie Zhao , Jinmin Liu
Pages: 904 - 908
Root Causes of Studying Weariness among Left-Behind Children in China
 Fenghua Xu , Lanhua Long , Jie Xu , Junyuan Chen
Pages: 909 - 914
Relationship between Athletes' Mental State and Brain Coordination before Competitions
 Bin Liu
Pages: 915 - 919
Construction of Residential Landscape Environment Evaluation System for Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment
 Lifang Qiao, Ke Ma, Jian Zhou, Chaoping Chen
Pages: 920 - 925