Volume 16 No 8 (2018)
Quantum Mechanics: Philosophy and Interpretations
 Michele Caponigro
Pages: 9 - 15
Free Will from Outside Spacetime? The Role of Observer in Quantum Mechanics
 Michele Caponigro
Pages: 16 - 21
Culture, the Silver Mean and Nuclear Pore Complexes
 John Gardiner
Pages: 35 - 38
Sameness and Continuity: The Existence in a Non-Temporal Space
 Jaisso Vautero
Pages: 39 - 47
Integral Relativity of Awareness and EnergyThe Continuum of Consciousness, Energy, Mind and Matter
 Lex Neale
Pages: 48 - 68
Fostering Mental Health through Yoga and Dietary Consciousness: Insights from Pre-service Teachers
 Dr. Adam Paul Patteti, Dr .Roseland Davala
Pages: 69 - 75
Techniques for diminishing radiation exposure during diagnostic imaging procedures while maintaining image quality.
 Dr. Shravan Kumar Mahankali MBBS DNB, Dr.Swamy K MBBS DNB
Pages: 76 - 81
Recent Advances in Green Chemistry
 Sushreeta Patnaik, Trilochan Ram Sahu, Sarbeswar Mishra
Pages: 82 - 89