Volume 17 No 2 (2019)
Suppression in Metaphor Comprehension: A Perspective From Distributed Models of Conceptual Representation
 Omid Khatin-Zadeh , Hassan Banarueeand Babak Yazdani-Fazlabadi
Pages: 1 - 7
The Determination of Brain Localization in Adult Second Language Learning Process
 Zeynep Zeliha BAYAZIT
Pages: 8 - 8
A Class of Approximate Entanglement Networks
 Daegene Song
Pages: 16 - 21
LQR Suppression of Hopf Bifurcation in HodgkinHuxley Neurons
 Yexin Lin, Haiyuan Liu and Li Hu
Pages: 22 - 32
On The Existence of The DNA Resonance Code and Its Possible Mechanistic Connection to The Neural Code
 Ivan V. Savelyev, Nelli V. Zyryanova, Oksana O. Polesskaya, Max Myakishev-Rempel
Pages: 56 - 71
Propagation of Action Potential Mediated by Microtubules May Involve in The Neural Quantum Mechanism
 Yifei Hao,Jiapei Dai
Pages: 72 - 78
The Mere Exposure Effect of Different Parts of Speech: The Evidence from ERP
 Enguo Wang, Wang Chao2, Shutao Qin , Yanfeng Wang
Pages: 79 - 90
Acoustic Reflex Latency (ARL) Assessment in Malaysian Adults: The Effects of Age, Gender and Stimulus Frequency
 Mahamad Almyzan Awang , Nurliyana Nasuha Zamri , Maziah Romli and Mohd Normani Zakaria
Pages: 91 - 96
Universal Grammar and Consciousness
 Daegene Song
Pages: 107 - 111
Wavelet Phase Coherence Estimation of EEG Signals for Neuromarketing Studies
 Gamze URAL, Fırat KAÇAR , Sinan CANAN
Pages: 112 - 120
Impact of climate change among the fruit growers of the north
 Dr. Laxmi Rawat
Pages: 140 - 146
Climate change and the impact on balance of natural existence among various flora and fauna
Pages: 147 - 154
Tribal Adaptation to Climate Change among the Hill Dwellers of Himachal Pradesh
 Dr. Laxmi Rawat
Pages: 155 - 161
Coping with climatic change among agricultural groups of the northern plains
Pages: 162 - 169
Crop Diversification and the Impact of Climate Change on the Traditional Cropping Patterns in North India
Pages: 170 - 176
Global warming and the effect of climate change on fruit growers of himachal pradesh
Pages: 177 - 184
Impact of climate change on the developing economies like india
Pages: 185 - 193
Successive waves of climate change taking toll on ecosystems across the world
Pages: 194 - 199
Reversing the climatic clock – a case for adapting healthy measures of public health, sanitation and hygiene
 Anshu Sharma
Pages: 200 - 208
Deteriorating Taj Mahal – Impact of Climate Change and Pollution
 Suhail Vij
Pages: 209 - 215
Design of Spiking Neural Networks based on Memristors
 Meer Tabres Ali, Dr. A. A. Ansari
Pages: 216 - 231
Advancements in Understanding Animal Communication: A Review
 Gokul Prasad Sahu, P. Visvanathan
Pages: 232 - 237