Volume 17 No 3 (2019)
I Can Draw a Scientist Whom I Imagined
 Serpil Pekdoğan , Kayhan Bozgün
Pages: 1 - 8
Neuroesthetic: Brain and Art
 Hakan Yaman and Aylin Yaman
Pages: 9 - 14
A Quantum Perspective Model to Genetic Codes Through Various Sciences
 Kevser Köklü
Pages: 15 - 18
Distant Monitoring of Entangled Macro-Objects
 Serge Kernbach
Pages: 19 - 42
A Theoretical Study to Explain the Referred Pain Phenomenon and Its Characteristics via Quantum Tunneling of Potassium Ions Through the Channels of Neuronal Membrane
 Abdullah Barjas Qaswal
Pages: 43 - 52
Is Relativity Theory Also Valid in Biogenetics and Mathematics?
 Kevser Köklü
Pages: 53 - 58
Investigating A Hypothesis on The Mechanism of Long-Term Memory Storage
 Seyed Amir Hossein Batouli, Minoo Sisakht
Pages: 60 - 79
Quantum Entanglement of Consciousness and Space-Time A Unified Field of Consciousness
 Francisco Di Biase
Pages: 80 - 85
Could be Entanglement Regarded as A Sign of A Universe Having Higher Dimensions?
 Volkan Duran and Gülay Ekici
Pages: 86 - 93
Shame and The Family Project: An Interpersonal Neurobiological Perspective
 Claire Von Kahle , David Allen, Keva Bethell , Marie Allen , Flavia D’Alessandro
Pages: 94 - 102
Reasons behind Using Metaphor: A Cognitive Perspective on Metaphoric Language
 Hassan Banaruee, Hooshang Khoshsima, Esmail Zare-Behtash, Nahid Yarahmadzeh
Pages: 108 - 113
Focal Dystonia and Botulinum Toxin: Our Experience with IncobotulinumtoxinA
 Marinella Tomasell, Leonello Tacconi , Giulia Mazzon and Paolo Manganot
Pages: 114 - 119
Malignant Melanoma Classification using Ensemble Machine Learning Techniques
Pages: 120 - 127
An Automatic Long Answer Evaluation system based on n-gram and Euclidian Distance
Pages: 128 - 135
Smart Agriculture: A Review of IoT Technologies for Sustainable Farming
Pages: 136 - 144
A Comparative Study of Data Mining Techniques for Predictive Analytics
Pages: 145 - 151
Exploring the Role of Data Mining in Customer Relationship Management
Pages: 152 - 161
Data Mining in social media: An Analysis of Techniques and Applications
Pages: 162 - 172
Predicting Stock Market Trends with Data Mining: An Empirical Study
Pages: 173 - 181
A Novel Flow-Based Network Intrusion Detection Model Based On the Inverse Potts Model
Pages: 182 - 187
An Improved Data Hiding Technique based on the Combination of Compression Steganography and RSA Cryptography
Pages: 188 - 193
Using Content and Trace Feature Extractors for Exposing Fake Faces through Deep Learning
Pages: 194 - 199
Using Deep Ensemble Learning In Digital Mammogram for Automated Classification Breast Mass
Pages: 200 - 205
A Deep Convolution Neural Network Based Model for Identification Depression Using EEG
Pages: 206 - 212
Functional Life-Time Assessment for LithiumIon Batteries Based on Hybrid Deep Learning Model
Pages: 213 - 218