Volume 17 No 4 (2019)
The Informational Model of Consciousness: Mechanisms of Embodiment/Disembodiment of Information
 Florin Gaiseanu
Pages: 1 - 17
An Investigation into The Effectiveness of Human Givens and Adlerian Therapy on Happiness and Psychological Well-Being of Students of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz
 Mansour Sodani, Mahmoud Shahidi , Bagher Sanai Zaker, Reza Khojasteh Meh
Pages: 18 - 25
No Calculation in Stupor: Beauty as Infinite Surprise
 Cocchi Massimo, Gabrielli Fabio
Pages: 26 - 27
Vestibular Stimulation in Humans by Static Magnetic Fields of A 3T MRI Scanner – A Pilot Study
 Katarzyna Pawlak-Osińska , Aleksandra Wypych, Stanisław Osiński , Henryk Kaźmierczak , Maria Marzec, Jacek Matulewski , Zbigniew Serafin
Pages: 28 - 36
Life and Consciousness are Guided by a SemiHarmonic EM Background Field
 Meijer Dirk KF1 and Geesink Hans
Pages: 37 - 44
Scientific Evidences for Discarnate Existence and a Search for the Sacred
 James Paul Pandarakalam
Pages: 45 - 59
Lanthanum Zirconate Nanoparticles, used in Blades of Gas Turbine Engines, Can Disturb Behavior, Leukocyte Count and Antioxidant Metabolites from Vital Organs of Albino Mice
 Muhammad Nazar Aftab , Syeda Qandeel Zahra , Irum Bashi , Muhammad Naeem Ashiq , Furhan Iqbal
Pages: 60 - 68
Determination Need for the Quantum Entanglement Occurrence Physiological Mechanism in the Human Body to Explain Carl G. Jung’s Synchronicity
 Igor V. Limar
Pages: 69 - 71
A Quantum Brain Model of Decision-Making Process Incorporated with Social Psychology Kazuo Koyama* and Keisuke Niwase
 Kazuo Koyama and Keisuke Niwase
Pages: 72 - 76