Volume 18 No 2 (2020)
Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Studies of Some New Furosemide Derivatives
 Sanaa A. Alsahib, Inaam H. Ali
Pages: 1 - 7
A New Relation between the Absolute Magnitudes of bulges and Spiral Arm Pitch Angles (p)
 Ismaeel A. Al-Baidhany1, Wasmaa A. Jabbar, Nadir Fadhil Habubi, Sami Salman Chiad, Khalid Haneen Abass
Pages: 8 - 14
Study of Structural and Optical Properties of Cu2OThin Film Prepared by Rapid Thermal Annealing Using Nd-YAG Laser
 Muhanad A. Ahmed, Mohammed M. Sabri, Hind Q. Mohammad
Pages: 15 - 22
A Simple New Method for Purifying Grain Size by Pulse Laser Ablation
 Nagham M. Obaid, Ghaleb Al-Dahash, Rafee Tuema
Pages: 32 - 36
Simulation and Study the Effect of the Channel Radius Streamer Discharge Propagation, and Characteristics in Water Filled Gap
 Duaa A. Uamran, Thamir H. Khalaf, Zaman Hameed Kareem, Walaa Shaalan Sarhan
Pages: 37 - 44
Characterization Studies of Nickel Oxide Nanostructure films Prepared by Electrolysis Method for Photo Detectors Applications
 Sahar Abdul Aziz, Reem Sami Ali, Ahmed N. Abd
Pages: 45 - 49
Preparation and Characterization of Silicon Carbide by Pulse Laser Deposition as Heterojunction Solar Cell
 Mohammed Taha Yaseen, Mazin H. Hasan, Mazin A. Alalousi
Pages: 50 - 55
An Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of PMMA-based Composites Reinforced with PZT Ternary Nanoparticles
 Mohammed Taha Yaseen, Mohammed A.M. Al Saadi, Abbas I. Hussein, W. Bdaiwi
Pages: 56 - 61
Investigation of Optical Properties of (2, 2) Zigzag Graphdiyne Nanotube in the Presence of Lithium and Nitrogen Dopant: Density Functional Theory Approach
 Ameera Jawad Kadhim, Mustafa Neamah Mustafa, Hiyamchaseb Maged
Pages: 62 - 66
Design and Fabrication Sensors for Toxic Gases Using PLD
 Muhanad Ahmed, Wathiq Abed, Qais Aish
Pages: 67 - 72
Phase Investigation of Nitinol SMA According to Melting Method
 Safaa Farhood Madlul, Ahmed N. Abd, Haitham M. Miklif
Pages: 73 - 76
Using X-Ray Films for Evaluation efficiency of Unsaturated Polyester Reinforced by Lead Oxide as Shielding for Medical X-ray Devices
 Auday T. AlBayati, Jinan F. Mahdi, Ahmed F. Mkhaiber, Khalid H. Mahdi
Pages: 77 - 81
Calculation of Radon Gas Concentration in the Buildings of Samara University Using the Nuclear Track Detector CR-39
 Rasha W. Kleeb, Sarwa A.M. Salah, Esam S. Ali
Pages: 82 - 87
Determination of Vanadium in Natural Gas using Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
 Abdul Majeed Khursheed, Tuana Khalil Abdulla, Suham Tawfiq
Pages: 88 - 94
Predicting of Asymptotic Properties of Magnetic Lens Using Analytical Potential Function
 Saadi R. Abbas, Wasan J. Kadhem, Talib M. Abbas
Pages: 95 - 100
Determination of the Dead Time and Randomness of Nuclear Disintegration for a Geiger-Muller Tube Using two Radioactive Source Co60 and Sr90
 Abbas Abdulhussein Mohammed, Zaid Saud Razzaq, Hayder Salah Naeem
Pages: 101 - 105
Studying the Swarm Parameters and Electron Transport Coefficients in N2– CH4 Mixtures Using BOLSIG+ Program
 Haneen K. Ibrahim, Enas A. Jawad, Mustafa K. Jassim
Pages: 106 - 111
Adaptive Method for Landsat ETM+ Gap Filling Using Successive Temporal Images
 Salema S. Salman, Anwar H. Al-Saleh, Heba KH. Abbas, Ali A. Al-Zuky
Pages: 112 - 122
Temperature Effect on the Structure and Photophysical Properties of the Olive Oil
 Luay Hamid Sulaiman
Pages: 123 - 126
Lead-free Two-dimensional Perovskite Solar Cells Cs3Fe2Cl9 Using MgO Nanoparticulate Films as Hole Transport Material
 Kawther A. Khalaph, Aqel Mashot Jafar
Pages: 127 - 132
Effect of 532 nm KTP Nd: Yag Laser on Poly Methyl Methacrylate Polymer Optical Properties
 Saif M. Alshrefi, Mohammed H.K. AL-Mamoori, Mohammed J. Jader
Pages: 133 - 137
Posttraumatic Seizure
 Mohammed Jaber Al-Mamoori, Wahab Razzaq Ebdan
Pages: 138 - 142
The Study of Mg1-xCoxFe2O4 Ferrite Physical Properties and its Applications
 Saleem H. Trier
Pages: 143 - 156
Interactions of Quantum Bioenergy Fields
 James Paul Pandarakalam
Pages: 157 - 172
Impact of Mangosteen Rind on TNF-α Level of Diabetic Wound Healing
 Lanny Sunarjo,, Oedijani, Suharti, Henry Setyawan Susanto, Diyah Fatmasari
Pages: 173 - 179
Role of Two-Dimensional Speckle Tracking Echocardiography Assessment of Left Ventricular Function and Early Prediction of Remodeling After Myocardial Infarction
 Sherif Mohammed Hamada, Ahmed Mansy
Pages: 180 - 185
Role of Maxillary sinus in Gender Determination: A morphometric analysis using lateral Cephalogram
 Dr Vishal Mehrotra, Dr. Prateek Singh, Dr Kriti Garg, Dr Rahul Srivastava, Dr Sachin Kushwah
Pages: 186 - 189
 Gokul Prasad Sahu, P. Visvanathan
Pages: 190 - 195
The Role of Symmetry in Modern Physics: From Noether's Theorem to Gauge Symmetry
 N. Kumar Swamy, Ram Krishna
Pages: 196 - 200