Volume 18 No 6 (2020)
Photodynamic Inactivation of Klebsiella Pneumonia Isolated from Burn Wounds
 Mawada M. Funjan, Hydar Saadi Hassan Al-Wasti
Pages: 1 - 10
Study of the Impact of Concentration on some of the Structural and Electrical Characteristics of (PMMA-Cu) Nanocomposites
 Sanaa S. Najm, Maher H. Rasheed, Ahmed S. Hussein, Mohammed Al-Hamiri
Pages: 11 - 16
Preparation and Characterization of ZnS: Mn Nanoparticles with Theoretical Analysis
 Abdulhussain K. Elttayef, Rajaa K. Mohammad, Rabi N. Hammdi, Baydaa A.Khudhair
Pages: 17 - 20
The Effect of X- rays in some Optical Properties of the Thin Film Polystyrene (PS) Dissolved in Phenyl Methane (Toluene)
 Ahmed N. Abd, Saad Khalid Rahi, Zaid M. Abdul Khalik
Pages: 21 - 26
eISSN 1303-5150 www.neuroquantology.com 27 The Effect of Adding (CaO: ZrO2: TiO2) (CZT) NPs Powder on the Thermal Properties and Thermal Expansion of (PMMA) in Bio-Compatible Applications
 Ali K. Hattab, Fadhil K. Farhan, Hashim Ali Yusr
Pages: 27 - 35
End Stage Renal Failure Study and Correlation on same Parameter
 Sabah Fadhil AL Basrooqi, Hussein Adnan AL-Ekaby, Adil Abdulrazzaq Waheeb
Pages: 45 - 48
Investigation of Tribological Properties of Oleic Acid-modified RGO-based Engine Oil Nano Fluid
 Seenaa Rumh Kadhim, Hayder Jabbar Kadhim, Adil Kadhim Shakir
Pages: 49 - 54
Effect of Boron on Structural, Optical Characterization of Nanostructured Fe2O3 thin Films
 Nagham Yassin Ahmed, Ban A. Bader, Muna Y. Slewa, Nadir Fadhil Habubi, Sami Salman Chiad
Pages: 55 - 60
Study of Charge Flow Coefficient Au Metal α-NPD with Molecule Dye
 Mohsin A. Hassooni, Hadi J.M, Al-agealy, Rawnaq Qays Ghadhban
Pages: 61 - 66
Design and Implementation of a Distributed Computing System for Scalable Data Processing
Pages: 67 - 73
The Effect of High-Frequency Spatial Noise from an Image Smoothing Ameliorates
 Umesh Kumar
Pages: 74 - 80
Optimization of Power in Electric Vehicle
 Rashmi Priya
Pages: 81 - 88
An Analytical Research Based on Solar Water Heater Geyser
 Birendra Kumar, Mohd Ateeque
Pages: 89 - 95
 D. Joseph Jeyakumar, J.Melta, Sangeetha Tupili, Yasaswani Mandiga, M. Murali
Pages: 96 - 105
 Shweta Kumari, Savya Sachi
Pages: 106 - 112
Optical and structural analysis of the MgFe2O4 nanoparticles, synthesized by the solid-state reaction of inorganic precursor route.
 Mrityunjay kr Mishra, Bibhuti Shekhar Lal Das
Pages: 113 - 120
Generational Shift in behavior of Oral Cancer: A clinicopathologic study
 Sunita Pathak, Dr. Prateek Singh, Ravi Kumar Seth, Sherin N
Pages: 121 - 127