Volume 2 No 1 (2004)
Novel Scientific Area or Era
Pages: 1 - 3
NeuroQuantology, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics
Pages: 4 - 6
Brain neurons as quantum computers: (it in vivo) support of background physics physics
 A. Bershadskii, E. Dremencov, J. Bershadskii, G. Yadid
Pages: 7 - 16
Physics of Consciousness and Its Model May Provide Guidelines to Solve Many Scientific Problems
 A.U. De and Dhananjay Pa
Pages: 17 - 28
The Cognitive Binding Problem: From Kant to Quantum Neurodynamics
 George A. Mashour
Pages: 29 - 38
Three Points in Kant's Theory
 Immanuel Kant
Pages: 39 - 40
Spin as Primordial Self-Referential Process Driving Quantum Mechanics, Spacetime Dynamics and Consciousness
 Huping Hu and Maoxin Wu1
Pages: 41 - 49
HitchcockÊs Universe without time is superposed Universe of space gradients
 Danko Georgiev1
Pages: 50 - 53