Volume 20 No 14 (2022)
Effect Of Prokinetic Drug And Proton Pump Inhibitor On Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
 Dr. Navin Agrawal ,Dr. Vishal Han , Dr. Chhavi Agrawal , Dr. Sonakshi Kapoor, Dr. Shivam Narang , Dr. Urvashi Singh , Dr. Raksha Wadhwani
Pages: 1 - 6
Analysis Of Food Insecurity Response And Severity To Changes In Integrated Households In Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State, Nigeria
 M. Ali ., B. A. Baba , S. A. Jibrin , M. Saleh
Pages: 7 - 9
Physical Activity Level and Body Mass Index Among University Students: A Correlative Study
 Kariakdinliu Panmei , Neethu John , Nangsal Sangmo , Starmoona V Mathew, Shycil Mathew
Pages: 10 - 16
Lease Contracts Ending In Ownership And Their Effect On The Performance Of Credit Portfolio In Isalmic Banks. An Applied Study On Dubai Islamic Bank And Alhilal Islamic Bank In The United Arab Emirates
 Dr, Ayaman Abdalla Mohamed Abu Baker
Pages: 17 - 31
Retroversion Of Self To Other: An Overview Of Austen’s Pride And Prejudice Prejudice And Morrison’sBeloved
 Mahmoda Khaton Siddika
Pages: 32 - 37
Use of restraints in patient care; knowledge and perception of nurses and nurse interns : A cross sectional study in south India
 Jyothi MD, Mounika N, Merin Baby OV,Dawa Choedon, Bency Elsa Babu,Priya Reshma Aranha
Pages: 38 - 44
The Hemoglobin And Fasting Blood Glucose As Predictors Of Sarcopenia In Elderly
 Maria Regina Rachmawati, Magdalena Wartono , Dian Mediana
Pages: 45 - 49
Study Of Maternal Death In Urban And Rural Based On Pregnancy Planning In East Sumba Regency 2014-2018
 Mariana Ngundju Awang, Diyan Maria Kristin , Wilhelmina A.A.Woda
Pages: 50 - 57
A Risk Assessment And Analysis Framework For Identification And Analysis Of Possible Risks In Hyperledger Fabric
 Deepti Singh , Mohit Dayal, Jitender Kumar, Sonika Bhatnagar , Priya Paliwal , Bhumika Pal
Pages: 58 - 68
A Survey Of Machine Learning Techniques OnSpeech Based Emotion Recognition And Post Traumatic Stress DisorderDetection
 Chappidi Suneetha , Dr.Raju Anitha
Pages: 69 - 79
mpact of Poly-Herbal Formulation (PHF) on the Outcome of Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) with Osteomyelitis
 Sudharshan Reddy Dachani , Satya Sai Devulapally , Shiva Krishna Devulapally3 , Srinivasa Chary Devulapally4 , Prasanna Mohana Bhaskaran ,Yasodha Krishna Janapati ,Tamatam Sunilkumar Reddy , Shanker Kalakotla
Pages: 80 - 85
The New Era Drug: Dostarlimab Having Effective Clinical Trial & Combination Clinical Therapies
 Shashank Patel, Anupama Singh , Vipin Kesharwani , Shailesh Pathak , Pankaj Jaiswal, Asad Farooqi
Pages: 86 - 96
Effect Of Body Dynamics On A Blood Pressure Reading Among Hypertensive And Normotensive Patients
 Swapnil Rahane, Darshita Raval
Pages: 97 - 102
Effect Of Comprehensive Nursing Strategies On Thirst Distress Management Among The Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
 Swapnil Rahane , Rachana Patel
Pages: 103 - 108
Portrait Of Public Participation In Industrial Waste Pollution Control Policies In Citarum River, Indonesia.
 Muhammad Firzah, Rita Myrna , Budiman Rusli , Mudiyati Rahmatunnisa
Pages: 109 - 115
Decision Making Among Adolescents In Relation To Peer Pressure And Drug Abuse
 Subodh Bansal, Dr. Aditi Bansal
Pages: 116 - 120
Acaricidal Activity Of Some Essential Oils Against The Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus Urticae Koch (Actinidida: Tetranychidae)
 Mariam Mohamed Ibrahim Ata , Gamal Zidan El-Shahawy , Magdy Hussein Fawzy , Heba AbdelTawab
Pages: 121 - 129
Endophytic Synthesis Of Silver And Silver Chloride Nanoparticles From Talaromyces Stipitatus Of Capsicum Annuum L.
 Manal M. Abdel-Alim Farag Mohamed Farag Abd-Alla, A. H. Zaki , Mai Raslan
Pages: 130 - 134
A Review On Ethnobotany, Phytochemistry And Pharmacology Of Ixora coccinea
 Sangeetha Permalsamy Naidu , Anandarajagopal Kalusalingam, Abdullah Khan , Pavitra Devi. R , Hema Malini M , Bama V.V. Menon , Tan Ching Siang , A. Sivakani , Long Chiau Ming
Pages: 135 - 143
Prevalence Of Acute Postoperative Pain In Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery, And, Correlation Of The Pain Intensity And Patient Satisfaction With Analgesic Management: An Observational Institute Based Study
 Dr Nusrat Jehan , Dr Yousha Muneeb Gillani , Dr. Insha Quraishi
Pages: 144 - 149
Tax On Digital Goods In India As A Part Of An Entrepreneurial Start-Up
 Dr. Sunita Rani, Dr. Ashima Garg , Ms. Chhavi Krishna , Mr. Amit Kumar
Pages: 150 - 158
Role Of Deep Brain Stimulation In Globus Pallidus Neuron
 Shruti Gupta, Kaushal Kumarand Jyotsna Singh
Pages: 159 - 162
Formulation And Evaluation Of Sublingual Tablets Of Clopidogrel Bisulphate
 Ms. Jaini K.Patel , Dr. Divykant Patel , Dr. Yogesh K.Patel , Mr. Vijay K. Patel , Mr. Ronak Patel , Ms. Tora Shah , Ms. Priyanka Yadav , Mr. Janak A. Akbari
Pages: 163 - 170
Synthesis And Characterization Of Rajat Bhasma And Its In-Vitro Anti-Cancer Activity
 Dr. Trupti Sanjay Naikare, Prof. K.Shankar Rao, Dr. Raviraj M. Kulkarni , Dr. Sakhitha K.S. , Dr. Thakur Rakesh Singh , Dr. Mukesh Chaudhari , Er. Akshay Prakash Ingole
Pages: 171 - 176
Evaluation Of Health, Safety And Welfare Measures For Construction Workers In Telangana State – A Cross Sectional Study
 Girish Manohar Chavan, Harish Chennuri , Vishwajeet Manohar Chavan, Harshal Tukaram Pandve , Aaluri Uma
Pages: 177 - 181
An Analytical Study To Assess Prevalence Of Covid 19 Breakthrough Infections Among Healthcare Workers And Its Association With Covid Vaccines In India
 Dr Priya Charan , Dr Shalini Garg , Dr Reshu Gupta , Dr Prahlad Dhakar
Pages: 182 - 185
Characteristics Of Oil Palm Trunk Biochar Based On Height Of Trunk For Soil Amendment
 Ebsan Marihot Sianipar, Ernitha Panjaitan , Siti Mardiana , Sumihar Hutapea
Pages: 187 - 193
Influence Of Photon-Initiated Photoacoustic Streaming (Pips) Laser-Activation Method On The Efficiency Of Salvadora Persica Extract And Sodium Hypochloride Final Irrigating Solutions In Removing Smear Layer: A Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis
 Latifa Mohamed Abdelgawad, Hebatallah Hamed Anis , Engy M. Kataia, Ghada Salem
Pages: 194 - 207
Research On Precision Farming With A Remote Sensor Network In View Of AI For Effective Yield Creation
 Uzma Yaseen Bhat , M. Thirunavukarasan , Aiman Sayeed , Syed Rukhsana Bukhari
Pages: 208 - 214
Mathematical Modelling Of Minimum Lubricant Film Thickness In Journal Bearing
 Anamika Yadav, Pooja Pathak
Pages: 215 - 218
Development Of A Novel Digital Eye Strain Scoring Index
 Shajer Shaikh , Renu Thakur , Kalika Bandamwar
Pages: 219 - 229
Formulation, Development And Evaluation Of Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets By Using Microwave-Assisted Solid Dispersion Technique
 Ms.Priyanka Yadav, Dr. Divyakant Patel , Dr. Yogesh K. Patel, Ms.Jaini K Patel , Mr.Vijay K.Patel ,Ms. Tora M.Shah , Nikunj Mandali
Pages: 230 - 239
Segmentation Techniques of Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis
 Vivek Kumar Sharma, Nisha Vasudeva, Garima Sharma
Pages: 240 - 251
Conscious Leadership- A Conceptual Framework
 Dr. S. Nagendra
Pages: 252 - 255
Effect Of Current Densities On Physiochemical Properties Of Electrodeposited Copper Thin Films For Electrostatic Air Cleaner
 Rajakumar Sidharaddi , Mahendra Yadav ,Vijaysingh Sawan
Pages: 256 - 260
MRI Evaluation of Internal Derangements of Knee Joints
 Abhishek , Mohit Deswal , Navreet Boora , Arshad Alam Khan , Nitish Virmani
Pages: 261 - 266
Angular Photogrammetric Analysis Of The Soft Tissue Facial Profile Of The Ikas In Delta State, Nigeria
 Anibor Ese , Etetafia Mabel Okiemute , Enudi Mirabel Ifeoma
Pages: 267 - 271
Maize Leaf Stress Taxonomy And Datasets For Computer Vision: A Survey
 Subodh Bansal, Aditi Bansal
Pages: 272 - 277
Microarray Analysis Of Quorum Sensing And Quorum Quenching On Oral Biofilm -A Systematic Review
 Amruta Manojkumar , Sindhu R , Sathiyapriya S , Prabu D, Rajmohan M, Bharathwaj V V, Dinesh Dhamodhar
Pages: 278 - 282
An In-Depth Analysis Of India’s Development Of Renewable Energy Technologies In Comparison To Other Leading Nations That Rely On Renewable Energy
 Dr. M. Vinay Kumar
Pages: 283 - 290
An Extensive Study of Various Software Defect Prediction Techniques
 Naveen Monga, Dr. Parveen Sehgal
Pages: 291 - 302
Phytochemical analysis and In-vitro AntiMycobacterial evaluation of Allspice extracts
 Vipul V. Dhasade, M. Komala
Pages: 291 - 302
Diabetes Risk Classification Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques
 Debajyoti Bora, Manash Pratim Barman
Pages: 303 - 308
Assessment Of Manifestations And Functional Status Of Post-COVID-19 Patients.
 Gobi Vinoth Kumar.KN , Abhishek B John , N.Venkateswaramurthy
Pages: 309 - 314
Impact Assessment Of Sewage Treatment Plants' Effluent Discharge On The Quality Of Ganga Riverat Pryagraj, Up
 Dipti Tiwari , Dr.Monika Yadav, Dr.Rajendra Kumar , Dr.Santosh k Singh
Pages: 315 - 320
Effect Of Current Densities On Physiochemical Properties Of Electrodeposited Copper Thin Films For Electrostatic Air Cleaner
 Rajakumar Sidharaddi , Mahendra Yadav ,Vijaysingh Sawant
Pages: 321 - 325
Effect Of Mobilisation With Movement (Mwm) And Exercises On Active Mouth Opening And Pain In Temporomandibular Pain: A Case Study
 Mathur Himanshu, Singh Atul, Vyas Neha , Sharma Ashutosh , Sinha Neha , Khuswaha Nandini
Pages: 326 - 329
Analysis Of A Safe And Fasttrack L Prakash [LPR] Method Of Reduction For Anterior Shoulder Dislocation
 Dr Kishore V, Dr Rajesh Babu A.K , Dr Venkatesh , Dr Navaneeth P.R , Dr Phanendra G
Pages: 330 - 333
Role Of Single Dose Antibiotic Prophylaxis In Prevention Of Surgical Site Infections After Lichtenstein Hernioplasty
 Dr.S.Amrit Kumar, Dr.K.Rajachidambaram
Pages: 334 - 336
Effect Of An Acute Bout Of Moderate Exercise On Visual Reaction Time: A Cross Sectional Interventional Study
 Dr.Aniruddha Jibhkate , Dr.Ritu Bajpai, Dr Pranjali Shinde , Dr Akshay Berad
Pages: 337 - 339
Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of Rheum palmatum Roots
 Preeti Shrivastava, Dr. Tripti Sharma
Pages: 340 - 345
A Study On Uzhavar Santhai In Tamilnadu-With Special Reference To Chengalpattu District
 Dr.A.Vinayagam , Dr.R.Poongothai
Pages: 346 - 353
Novel Topological Analysis Of 27 Level Three Phase Multilevel Inverter
 Bipasa B Patra, Pragya Nema
Pages: 354 - 357
Efficacy Of Diode And Er-Yag Lasers Activated Agitation On Cleaning Efficacy, Simulated Lateral Canal Penetration And Microhardness Of Single Rooted Teeth.
 Nancy Atia Ahmed Elshafaey , Dalia Yahia Ibrahim , Somaya Abdellatif EissaAnd Latifa Mohamed Abdelgawad
Pages: 358 - 367
A Comprehensive Study On Credit Card Fraud Detection Techniques
 Manu Jyoti Gupta , Parveen Sehgal
Pages: 368 - 378
An Extensive Study of Various Software Defect Prediction Techniques
 Naveen Monga, Parveen Sehga
Pages: 379 - 390
Formulation And Evaluation Of Floating In Situ Gel Of Eluxadoline
 Ms. Jaini K. Patel, Dr, Divykant Patel, Dr. Yogesh K. Patel , Mr. Vijay K. Patel , Mr. Ronak Patel , Ms. Tora Shah, Ms. Priyanka Yadav , Mr. Janak A. Akbari
Pages: 391 - 397
Exercises: A Cost Effective Measure For Glycemic Control
 Dr. Sachin Chaudhary.(PT),Dr. Neha Ingale Chaudhary (PT), MK Sheikh , Dr.Manali kshirsagar , Dr.Sarita Ugemuge
Pages: 398 - 400
Prediabetes: An Alarming Stage Among Indian Population. A Review
 Dr. Neha Ingale Chaudhary (Pt) , Dr. Sachin Chaudhary.(Pt). Dr.Ira Indurkar , Muzahid K Sheikh , Dr. Ujwalla Gawande , Dr.Nandkishor Bankar
Pages: 401 - 404
Burkholderia Cepacia Complex – A Nefarious Bug
 Priyanka Chaubey , Ashish Sharma , Harsh Salankar, Sonali Rode, Ashwini Mankar , Vaibhav Anjankar
Pages: 405 - 410
Acupressure And Lifestyle Modifications: A Supplementary Approach To Improve Myopia In Young Adults
 Dr. Prashant Khuje , Dr. Gurunath Birajdar , Dr. Chhaya Saraf , Dr. Gyan Prakash Mishra , Dr. Sandip Hulke
Pages: 411 - 415
A Review On Supervised Learning Techniques For Hyperspectral Classification: Recent Developments
 Rudra Tiwari
Pages: 416 - 427
Emotional intelligence and work-life balance: a study of working women teachers in public sector universities in kerala
 Nivedh Eustace, Dr. Jacob P.M
Pages: 428 - 436
Copper(II), Cobalt(II), Nickel(II) And Zinc(II) Complexes Obtained From Dipicolinic Acid And Morpholine: Synthesis, Characterization, Biological Evaluation And In Silico Studies
 C.Anbarasi , K.Saravanan
Pages: 448 - 455
The Predictive Influence Of Family Socioeconomic Status And Parenting Styles On Social Skills Development Of Pupils With Intellectual Disability
 Esther Olufunke Oyefeso, Udeme Samuel Jacob, Funmilayo Grace Aladeyelu, Jace Pillay
Pages: 456 - 463
Impact Of Selfhelp Groups On Economic Development Among Rural Households In Selected Blocks Of Thiruvannmalai District, Tamilnadu
 Ms. S. Elavarasi, Dr. R. Babybowna
Pages: 464 - 474
Pre-Clinical Evaluation Of Antileukemic Activity Of Ethanolic Extract Of Alstonia Scholaris Bark.
 Pujari Sowmya , Kamath Jagadish V , Dr. Kunal Gupta
Pages: 475 - 481
Intravenous Propofol as An Adjunct to Spinal Anesthesia to Provide Sedation- A ClinicoEpidemiological Study
 Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta , Dr. Garima Singh , Dr. Pushpendra Singh Chahar , Dr. Nitin Tiwari , Dr. Tuhin Vashishth
Pages: 482 - 485
Effect Of SMEEDS Formulation Of Glimepiride In Combination With Boswellic Acid Extract In Diabetic Induced Rats To Mimic Diabetic Complications
 Rachappa Dhondiba Mahale, Dr. Vipul P Patel
Pages: 486 - 495
Assessment Of Temperament In Relation To Smartphone Use Among School Going Children (Age 9 - 15years) At Mangalampet, Cuddalore District
 Dowlathunnissa Begum G , Chitra. S.M , Anbu N
Pages: 496 - 504
Space Fractal Program for 3D Model Construction
 Gulbadan Matieva , Ularbek Moldoyarov , Bektur Azimov, Gulmira Shamshieva , Nurkyz Sarygulova, Zhypargul Abdullaeva
Pages: 505 - 508
 MadhaviDasari , Dr. V.S. Bharath , Dr.Madhu Palati , Dr D M Ganapathi
Pages: 505 - 520
The Chosen Factors Influencing People Looking After Seniors With Dementia In Their Home Environment
 Lukáš Stárek
Pages: 509 - 516
Direct Current Solar Power Pump With Ann Controller
 K.Sampath Kumar, V.Sujatha , S.SenthilKumar , A.Deepa
Pages: 517 - 523
Evaluation Of Antioxidant And Antihyperlipidemic Activity Of Corchorus Trilocularis AndVitex TrifoliaLinn In Rat
 Mohit Kumar Gupta , Deenanath Jhade, Neeraj Sharma , Vivek Chourasia
Pages: 524 - 532
A Comprehensive Review On Pistacia Khinjuk Well-Known Medicinal Plant
 Omji Porwal , Eron Sulaiman Mahmood Rasul, Halo Fadhil Abbas Qasm, Laza Saadi Mustafa Senjawi, Sachin Kumar Singh, Bawan Jalal Abdulla
Pages: 533 - 542
Strategies for Scaling-up Educational Interventions in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for Sustainable Development in Nigeria
 Victor Ikechukwu Oguejiofor , George Nwachukwu Ogbonna, Bernard Chukwuma Nwafor3 , Ogbonnaya O. Eze , Ojo Samson A. , Suleiman Ismaila , Adebayo Taiwo Felix & Opeyemi Tolulope Odewale
Pages: 543 - 549
Assessment Of Physico-Chemical And Biological Characteristics Of Soil Contaminated With Kalamkari Dye Effluents
 D. Mrudula , G .NarasimhaAnd Suggala. V. Satyanarayana
Pages: 550 - 558
Parosmia: A Significant Symptom In Covid-19 Recovering Patients
 Akshay Berad , Charu Mishra , Arvind Kumar , Yogesh kumar Yadav
Pages: 559 - 562
Time In Police Custody: The 24 Hours Before Production In Court
 -Mahatma Gandhi Shivani Vyas
Pages: 563 - 570
Reading Habit And Information Seeking Patterns Of The Faculty And Students In The Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai - A Study
 .Vinodkumar, Dr. S.Aravind
Pages: 571 - 573
Synthesis, Spectral, Biological Activities And Molecular Docking Studies Of Substituted Pyrrolo [2,3-B]Pyrazine Derivatives As Serine/Threonine Inhibitors
 Sirajunnisa A , Madana Srujana Suneel Kumar , Monika Kallubavi , Govindaraj M , Vijaya kumar.K
Pages: 574 - 587
Face Recognition System Under Volatile Illumination Conditions
 Dr. Meena Arora, Shahnawaz Khan, Himanshu Bharti , Dheeraj Pachauri , Abhay Kumar Mishra
Pages: 588 - 592
An Empirical Analysis Of Factors Influencing ELoyalty Among Working Professionals In Tirunelveli City
 Dr.A.Michael John,SJ, Assistant Professor ,Shyamala K, Research Scholar
Pages: 593 - 599
Comparison Of The Efficacy Of Oral Vs Intravenous Prophylaxis With AmoxicillinClavulanic Acid In The Prevention Of Surgical Site Infection After Open Prosthetic Inguinal Hernia Repair
 Manohar V Pai , Talha Ahmed, Gowtham , Soundarya Pl
Pages: 600 - 605
Assessment Of Prognostic Value Of Pathological CRS For Ovarian Serous Carcinoma
 Dinesh Yadav , Tarun K Jain , Prashant Kumbhaj , Mrinal Das , Ajay Yadav, Sanjay Sharma , Neha Seth
Pages: 606 - 609
Effectiveness of Sensorimotor Rehabilitation In ACL Injury : A Narrative Review
 Tajuddin Chitapure, Shaikh saba afsar , Quraishi Maliha Fatima , Amreen Shaikh
Pages: 610 - 615
“Impact of Toxic Anger on Health (Mind, Body, Soul)”
 Dr. Ruby Dubey
Pages: 616 - 620
A Study On The Status Of Rural Handicraft Artisans In Mandwi R.D Block, West Tripura District,Tripura
 Sahen Debbarma, Dr.P.Murugesan
Pages: 621 - 628
Determination Of A Parameter Which Characterizes The Misting Regimes Of A Water Sprayed Finned-Tube Air-Cooled Condenser
 Ibra BOP, Biram Dieng, Ibrahima FALL, Seydou Nourou DIOP, And Amadou WARORE
Pages: 629 - 637
Many Body Interaction With Spin Localization Of The Periodic Andeson Model.
 Omamoke O. E. Enaroseha ,Obed OyiboAnd Augustine Onyema Nwabuoku
Pages: 638 - 643
Many Body Interaction With Spin Localization Of The Periodic Andeson Model.
 Omamoke O. E. Enaroseha ,Obed OyiboAnd Augustine Onyema Nwabuoku
Pages: 638 - 643
Single And Multi – Phase Dynamics Of The (Anti)Ferromagnetic CeCu2Si2 Systems.
 Omamoke O. E. Enaroseha , Obed Oyibo , Augustine Onyema Nwabuoku, Blessing Odia Ogo
Pages: 644 - 649
Rising Trend In Ectopic Pregnancy: A Clinical Study At A Tertiary Care Hospital
 Dr Duha Qari , Dr Zohra Younus , Dr Ronuma Barooj , Dr Yousha Muneeb Gillani
Pages: 650 - 655
Automobile Industries In India And Their Growth Patterns
Pages: 656 - 660
Effect Of Debris Filter Cleaning On Condenser Performance In Thermal Power Plant
 N. A. Surtekar, N. N. Khobragade
Pages: 661 - 669
Benefits of King Banana (Musa Acuminate) in the Formation of Red Snark (Lutjanus Sp) Meatball Gel
 Nurainy Kaliky
Pages: 670 - 676
A Prospective Associative Study On Emotions, Dreams & Sleep As A Triad
 Princy Parthasarathy1 , Priyadarsini Raveendran2 , Mohamed Thoufiq Ilahi
Pages: 677 - 682
A Review On The Environmental Consequences Of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell By Cultivating Thermal And Water Management.
 Hemant Rao , Ajay Kumar Sharma
Pages: 683 - 702
A Secure Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol that Preserves Internet of Things (Iot) Modules
 Dr Prakash Kuppuswamy, Shaik Mohammed Rizwan, Aasif Aftab , Dr. Saeed QY Al-Khalidi
Pages: 703 - 709
A CNN Based Student Attendance System Using Image Processing
 Kumar P , Kalaivani J
Pages: 710 - 716
Growing Cybercrime Incidences in India-An Analytical Study
 Farha Khan, Sudhanshu Maurya
Pages: 717 - 727
Mobile Devices Security and its Impact on the Privacy
 Mariam Alrajeh, Sara AlSahaim , M M Hafizur Rahman , and Abu Sufian
Pages: 728 - 734
A Review of PCA and GAN Based Change Detection of Remote Sensing Images
 Kshitij Kumar Verma , Mehuli Basu , Tamesh Halder, Rintu Kumar Gayen ,Arundhati Mishra Ray , Debashish Chakravarty
Pages: 735 - 742
Cognitive Load with Different Origins: An EEG Model-Based Explanation
 Yamini Gogna, Dr. Sheela Tiwari , Dr. Rajesh Singla
Pages: 743 - 748
A Systematic Literature Review on CyberSecurity Issues in Metaverse
 Mariam Ali Alhamed, Hanan Khalid Alsuwaelim , M M Hafizur Rahman , Abu Sufian
Pages: 749 - 755
Black Widow Spider Inspired Feature Selection with SVM Classifier for Bio-Medical Data Classification
 Shobha Aswal, Neelu Jyothi Ahuja , Ritika Mehra
Pages: 756 - 760
Analytical Approach Towards Evolutionary Computations
 Aabha Malik, Sanjay Kumar Dubey
Pages: 761 - 768
Security Analysis of Message Transmission Using Quantum Cryptography
 Praveen Kumar Tripathi , Ratnesh Kumar Shukla , Radha Raman Chandan , Sanjeev Kumar Shukla , Akhilesh Kumar Pandey
Pages: 769 - 774
Security Threats for Short Range Communication Wireless Network on IoT Devices
 Km Ujjawal, Sharvan Kumar Garg , Arif Ali, Deepak Kumar Singh
Pages: 775 - 783
Person Identification System Based on Iris Patterns Using Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques
 Sonali Gaikwad, Jyotsna Gaikwad , Yogesh Rajput
Pages: 784 - 790
Permissions Ranking with Statistical Techniques for Android Malware Detection
 Anjali Mishra, Mahima and Anshul Arora
Pages: 791 - 797
Approximate Graph Edit Distance for Structural Pattern Recognition
 Shri Prakash Dwivedi
Pages: 798 - 804
Data Heterogeneity Handling in SDN-Based IoT Infrastructure
 syeda Zeenat Marshoodulla , Goutam Saha
Pages: 805 - 812
A Hybrid CNN–LSTM Deep Learning Model for Rainfall Prediction
 Deepak Kumar Singh , Abinash Sahoo
Pages: 813 - 818
Low-Cost Low Power Digital IC Tester using ARM Cortex M0+ Microcontroller
 Divesh Kumar
Pages: 819 - 822
A Novel Ensemble Machine Learning Models for Classification of Brain Tumors from MRI
 Nafees Akhter Farooqui , Ritika Mehra
Pages: 823 - 828
A Review on LNA Topologies for Improved Linearity and Compactness in Chip Area
 Manish Kumar, Divesh Kumar
Pages: 829 - 834
A Survey on Task Scheduling Approaches in the Cloud
 Isha Sharma, Ruchika Gupta , Pardeep Singh
Pages: 835 - 840
A Comprehensive Review on Various Image Dehazing Techniques
 Abhishek, Dr. Rajeev Ratan , Mohit Bansal
Pages: 841 - 851
New Cryptographic Primitives: A Direction to Design the Solutions
 Riya Solanki, Payal Chaudhari
Pages: 852 - 858
6LOWSD: Towards Scalability and Mobility for SDN-IoT Network
 Wanbanker Khongbuh, Goutam Saha
Pages: 859 - 865
EEG Based Attention Score Analysis of Two Game Genre
 Rahul Kumar, Rajesh Singla
Pages: 866 - 871
Growth in Finance Sector with Big Data and Analytics
 Himanshu Shukla , Deval Verma
Pages: 872 - 879
Recognition of Iris Flower Species using Spatial Features
 Angkita Bardhan, Deval Verma
Pages: 880 - 886
The Primary Education Policy in Tamil Nadu A Historical Perspective
 P. Kantharuby, Dr. M.Gnana Oslin
Pages: 887 - 890
The Effect Of Haruan Fish Formula In Increasing Body Weight For Children With Malnutrition (At Puskesmas Berangas, Batola Regency, South Kalimantan)
 Magdalena, Mahpolah , Zulfiana Dewi
Pages: 891 - 894
Student Stress Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms And Comprehensive Analysis
 Kandukuri Sai Sri Rekha, Suhani Mathur , Sanchari Sadhukhan, Jaydev Jangiti
Pages: 895 - 906
Research Investigations On Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Deep Learning Frameworks
 Aishwarya S Murthy , Veena M B
Pages: 907 - 912
Financial Performance Of Indian Textile Industry -A Growth Rate Analysis
 Dr. A. Michael JohnAnd A. Pugazh Naavarasi
Pages: 913 - 916
A Review Of AZ61 Magnesium Matrix Composite Reinforced With Various Reinforcements
 S. Sakthi, S. Mahendran , S. T. Jaya Suthahar
Pages: 917 - 922
E-Voting Using Ethereum Blockchain Technology: Implementation Model
 Priyanshu Maheshwari, Shafiqul Abidin
Pages: 923 - 930
A Study On Development Project Management Practice In Urban Institutional And Infrastructure Projects In Wolaita Sodo Town, Ethiopia
 Betelihem Ayele, Dr. Aashka Thakkar , Dr. Tsegaye Mathewos
Pages: 931 - 937
Relation Of Concentration And Risk Characterization Of Toluene With Malondialdehyde Cholesterol And Diabetes
 Noeroel Widajati, Abdul Rohim Tualeka , Yenitrisnawati ,Juliana Jalaludin , Syamsiar S Russeng5 , Pudji Rahmawati6 , AhsanAhsan , Indri H Susilowati, Muhammad Firdaus, Laela Agrista Devilia
Pages: 938 - 945
Truncated Moment Exponential Distribution with Application
 Ahmed Mohamed El Gazar, Mohammed Elgarhyand Beih S. El-Desouky
Pages: 946 - 958
Impact Of COVID-19 Quarantine On Body Weight And Eating Habits
 Hani A. Alfheeaid, Essam M. Hamad , Rawabi A. Aljnahi , Sami A. Althwab , Yasir H. Mughal
Pages: 959 - 967
Effect of Job Stress on Employee Performance– With Particular Reference to Technical Institutions in Karnataka
 Dr. Veena Santhosh Rai, Dr Surekha Invalli
Pages: 968 - 972
Correlation Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) And Surgical Findings In Diagnosing Ankle Joint Ligament Injuries
 Meet K. Radadia, Kavita U. Vaishnav, Zaryab M. Qureshi, Khushee D. Kothari
Pages: 973 - 977
Study Of Comorbidities In Treatment Seeking Alcohol Dependent Individuals
 Singh H , Mahajan B , Kaur H , Singh M
Pages: 978 - 981
Design of PANI/SrO Nanocomposites for Structural, Morphological, Anti-Microbial and Optical Studies
 Sucheta Kamalakar , Kashinath G Kanaje, Hajeebaba K Inamdar
Pages: 982 - 987
The Neutrosophic Linear Differential Equations
 Yaser Ahmad Alhasan
Pages: 988 - 995
Neurogenesis In Adult Brain Induced by Peripheral Nerve Injury
 Khoirul Ima , Ria Margiana
Pages: 996 - 1001
Analysis And Design Of G+10 Rcc Building Using Commercial Software
 Prof. Sagar Dhengare, Aniket Pathade , Dr. Rajurkar Harshala , Kshitij Thate
Pages: 1002 - 1006
Homotopy And Group Action In The Functioning Of The Cochlea
 Amthul Muqheet , Dr. B R Srinivasa ,Dr. Arathi Sudarshan
Pages: 1007 - 1018
In-Silico Analysis Of Hydroxy Citric Acid From Pithecellobium Dulce Benth As A Treatment For Obesity-Related Diabetes Mellitus
 T. Sundarrajan, K.Manikandan ,D. Jothieswari , R. Senthilraj
Pages: 1019 - 1022
Comparative Study of Different Techniques of IRIS Recognition
 Mr. P.B. Khatkale, Dr. Anupama Deshpande , Dr. Anil B.P awar
Pages: 1023 - 1026
Formulation Characterization Optimization and In Vitro Evaluation of Aceclofenac Topical Emulgel
 Palika Sehgal, Alok Bhatt, Sonia Narwal , Deepak P.Bhagwat, Nidhi Chaudhary, Ajay Berwal, Manish Nawani
Pages: 1027 - 1034
Analysis of Cutting Parameters of AISI 52100 with TiAlN Nano Coated Carbide Cutting Tool by CNC Turning
 Mr. Tanpure Sandesh Popat, Dr. Sunil K. Somani , Dr. H. S. Patil
Pages: 1035 - 1045
Determine The Feasibility For Dissimilar Materials: Al Alloy Al-5400 And Steel 304l By Friction Stir Welding
 Shantanu Madhukar Kadam, Dr. Sunil K. Somani , Dr. H. S. Patil
Pages: 1046 - 1055
Efficacy Of Photobiomodulation Using 870 nm Diode Laser, Experimental Nano Calcium Aluminate/Tri Calcium Silicate Material And MTA In Furcal Perforation Repair (Animal Study) (Part Two)
 M.A.M Nassar , L.M. Abdelgawad , M.E. Khallaf ,D.H. El Rouby , D. Sabry , M.M. Radwan
Pages: 1056 - 1064
Studying The Experience Of Implementing The Pedagogical Ideas Of “Manas” In Secondary Schools (On The Material Of The Kyrgyz Folk Epic “Manas”)
 Misirali Koldoshovich Koldoshev
Pages: 1065 - 1069
Government Expenditure On Human Development And Its Impact On Economic Growth Of Nigeria: A Time-Series Analysis
 Bhola Khan
Pages: 1070 - 1079
Electronic Sensor Measurements In Neurological Tremor Analysis: A Study
 Krishna Prasad S J , Dr.Viswanath.T
Pages: 1080 - 1089
Review On Bipolar Depression
 Dasari Sudheer Reddy , Kanala Somashekar Reddy , Akkiraju Sudheer ,Bhupalam Pradeep Kumar , Tanguturi Niranjan Reddy, Bonala Kranthi Kumar , Allam Harsha Vardhan Naidu , Boreddy Mary Vishali
Pages: 1090 - 1093
Manageable E-Governance Architecture In Health Care System Using Cloud Storage
 S Srinivasan, Ramkumar Krishnamoorthy , Lalit Kumar , Ajay Shriram Kushwaha ,Ananta Charan Ojha , Ganesh D , Nagaraj S , Adlin Jebakumar
Pages: 1094 - 1100
Prediction of Breast Cancer using Machine Learning Techniques– A Comparative Study
 A. Peter , K. Manoj , P. Kumar
Pages: 1101 - 1106
Role Of Export Import Bank Of India In The Time Of Financial Crisis
 Himasish Paul
Pages: 1107 - 1114
Effectiveness Of Educational Intervention On New Born Care Among Primi Antenatal Mothers Attending Selected Primary Health Centres At Visakhapatnam
 Dr. Ceeba Francis , Ms. Ch Lavanya
Pages: 1115 - 1117
Acoustic Analysis of Vowels in Adults with Spastic Cerebral Palsy
 nvitaa Marfatia , Ravali P. Mathur, Anjali R. Kant
Pages: 1118 - 1122
Deciphering Water Quality Using WQI and Multivariate Analytical Analysis in and Around Sydapuram Mandal, Nellore District, A.P., South India.
 Praveena, B, Lakshmi Prasad.T , Pramod Kumar. M, Jayaraju. N , Ravi Kumar.P, B.N. Anusha
Pages: 1123 - 1135
Interventions For Postpartum Depression: Systematic Review
 Dr. Baskar. T, Natasha Mohit Mahajan , Jyoti Gaikwad
Pages: 1136 - 1146
Digital Eye Strain And Fatigue Recognition System Using Smart Device
 Dr. Deepti Sharma, Dr. Archana B.Saxena , Dr. Deepshikha Aggarwal
Pages: 1147 - 1150
Transformerless Interfacing Of Renewable Sources To Grid Using Hybrid Technique
 Gagandeep Khajuria, Pooja Sharma , Dr.Rakesh Dhiman
Pages: 1151 - 1167
Stress Analysis Of Adhesively Bonded Joint Using Experimental Theoretical And Finite Element Method
 Ubed Irfan Sayyad, Laxmikant S. Dhamande
Pages: 1168 - 1180
Future Of Work Hybrid Work Model : A Sustainable Option
 R. Priyavarsha , Dr. S. Sudha
Pages: 1181 - 1185
Promoting Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion In Work Place: Mediating Effect Of HR Practices
 J. Kavitha, Dr. S. Sudha
Pages: 1186 - 1191
Biological Screening and Biochemical Estimation of Hibiscus Laevis Flowers Extract in The Treatment Of Peptic Ulcers Using Experimental Models
 Mohd. Shahid Khan, Dr. Pankaj Arora , Dr. Naresh Kalra , Dr. Namita Arora , Arushi Purva , Neha Sharma
Pages: 1192 - 1201
Knowledge Regarding Symptom Management Among patient Undergoing Radiation Therapy: With A View To Develop One To One Sensitization
 Mr. Mohammed Salman,Ms. JinttaMol K Abraham, Ms. Jinu George, Ms. Jinu Joy, Ms. Jobina Jose, Mr. Gireesh G.R
Pages: 1202 - 1206
“Assessment Of Sleep Hygiene Among Adolescents: A Descriptive Survey”
 Harilakshmi CS ,Henna ER , Jewel Jain Joseph, Safwan Ahammed , Umarani
Pages: 1207 - 1212
Assessment of Inclusive Funding Through Public Private Partnership in Development of Infrastructure in Welding and Fabrication Trade in Technical Colleges in Nigeria
 Samson Ikenna Nwaodo, Shettima Abuubaida Abdullahi , Umar, Muhammad Ahmad3 , Nwahunanya Innocent , Shittu Aliyu Rotimi , Youdiowei Budouaki Terry , Peter Emeje Attah, Zakari Abdulkadir , Mukoro Ejovwokode Edward
Pages: 1213 - 1218
A Research Study Of Women’s Harassment Crimes: A Case Study In Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
 Toryalai Hemat
Pages: 1219 - 1250
Impact of AI Applications in Public Sector Services
 Thisara Weerasinghe, Md Gapar Md Johar, Ali Khatibi
Pages: 1251 - 1263
Performance Based Study: RLG Based Decoder For qALU Using QCA Designer Tool
 Dr. Rajinder Tiwari
Pages: 1264 - 1270
Assessment Of Prevalence, Risk Factors, Severity Of Insomnia & Related Quality Of Life In Anantapur District Of Andhra Pradesh-A Cross Sectional Survey
 Debaraj Roy, Varidela Kavitha, Gandhodi Chandra Manasa, S.M.G Ishrar
Pages: 1271 - 1279
Analysis of Nonlinear Non-Stationary BioSignals of the Adults Who Are Deaf Using Hilbert–Huang Transform
 Shirly G, Jerritta S
Pages: 1280 - 1290
Online Educating System and Musculoskeletal Issues in Students: A Concern
 Dr. Vishesh Singhal,Dr. Barkha khurana , Dr. Sumedha Bhatia , Dr Amit Gupta, Dr. Stuti Mittal ,Dr. Haritri Bisht , Dr Monicapreet Kaur
Pages: 1291 - 1294
Impact of Time Management Program on Emotional Intelligence With Regard To Academic Performance in Nursing Students
 Juby Mary Chacko, Achamma Varghese , Nirmala Rajesh
Pages: 1295 - 1303
Health Care Monitoring And Predictive Analytics System Employing IOT
 Lithesh V S, Krishna Prasad S J, Puttaboregowda B, Mohana Kumar S
Pages: 1304 - 1311
Inspection for Precision Alignment of the piston Assembly used in the Upgradation of a Diesel Fired Engine Aimed for Increasing Efficiency
 R. Divagar, R. Raveena, PR Lakshminarayanan
Pages: 1312 - 1317
Transformerless Interfacing Of Renewable Sources To Grid Using Hybrid Technique
 Gagandeep Khajuria, Pooja Sharma, Dr.Rakesh Dhiman
Pages: 1318 - 1334
Early Detection Of Parkinson’s Disease In Patients From Gait Dataset Using Soft Voting And Stacking Classifier
 Vishal Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar
Pages: 1335 - 1351
Correlation Between Childhood Sexual Abuse In Women And Ocd In Adulthood: An Exploratory Study
 Munia Bhattacharya, Prof. Dr. Anjali Midha Sharan
Pages: 1352 - 1363
A Comparative Study on Student Teachers Achievement in Educational Psychology through Traditional Mode and Lms- Moodle
 Mrs. M.Saratha, Dr. P.N.Lakshmi Shanmugam
Pages: 1364 - 1370
ABPET: An AutomaticSoftware Bug Prediction Using Ensemble Learning Technique
 Nidhi Srivastava , Manisha Agarwal , Pramod Kumar Soni
Pages: 1371 - 1381
Death Concern, Ego Integrity And Happiness In Geriatric Population
 Neena Susan Prakash, Dr. Rinu Chaturvedi
Pages: 1382 - 1388
Semantic Segmentation of Parasternal Short Axis View Echocardiography Images Using Unext Deep Learning Architecture
 Inayathullah Ghori, Renu John
Pages: 1389 - 1392
Handling Class Imbalance Problems Using Over & Under Sampling Techniques
 Ratul Dey, Rajeev Mathur
Pages: 1393 - 1399
Prospective Study on The Efficacy of Homoeopathic Drugs in The Management of Uterine Fibroids
 J. Senthil kumar, Sunny Mathew
Pages: 1400 - 1407
Phytochemical Screening, Anti-Inflammatory And Analgesic Activities Of Hydro Alcoholic Extract Of Micrargeria Wightii
 Lakshman Kumar Dogiparthi, Vidyadhara Suryadevara, Vijetha Pendyala3, Ravichandra Sharabu, Srinivasulu Pottela, Venkata Rao Vutla, Krishna Vamsi Jatla
Pages: 1408 - 1413
Design and Evaluation of Telmisartan Loaded Niosomal Transdermal Films
 Angilicam Avinash, P. Dwarakanadha Reddy, S. V. Satyanarayana
Pages: 1414 - 1419
A Three Level Cryptographic Security Module To Ensure Security Of Health Care Data Stored In The Cloud
 Pradeep Semwal , Sanjay Sharma , Nitin Uniyal
Pages: 1420 - 1425
Sample And Hold Circuit Design Using Double Sampling Without Op Amp
 Ritesh Gupta, R. S. Gamad
Pages: 1426 - 1429
MRI Brain Tumor Classification Using Computational Intelligence Technique
 T. Anitha, T. Kalaiselvi
Pages: 1430 - 1438
Assessment Of Grounding As A Therapeutic Technique For Pain Management: A Review
 Anisha khan , Dr. Ashok kumar singh, Mohammed Shoaib , Dr. Varun Singh, Dr. Rachna
Pages: 1439 - 1443
Precedence Of MRI Spinal Pathology and Etiology In Between 20-40 years of Age Group
 Sana Kanwal , Dr. Rachna, Dr. Poonam Dimri
Pages: 1444 - 1449
Review Article On Current Trends In Mental Health Advocacy And Practice
 Dinesh Kumar, Imran Khan , Blessing Nimasajai XS , Niharika Tiwari , Neha Kakran , Shivani Sharma , Natasha Verma, Sheetal Singh , Manju Rajput , Garima Rohilla
Pages: 1450 - 1456
Autologous Marrow Instillation Outcome In Delayed Union And Non Union Of Long Bones In Patients With Comorbodities
 Dr Rishi kaushal , Dr Manas shrivastava , Dr krishnkant nema , Dr Shivvir singh , Dr Mustafa Johar
Pages: 1457 - 1463
The Relation Between Hate Speech Behavior On Social Media And The Parenting Patterns Among Teenagers Social Media User
 Endah Sari Purbaningsih , Citra Setyo Dwi Andhini , Yanti Susan , Ika Nurfajriani , Sri Nurcahyati
Pages: 1464 - 1470
Effect Of Medicine And Diet On Patients With Thyroid Disorder
 Madhu Bharti , Dr. Ruchi Kant
Pages: 1471 - 1477
A Holistic Approach on Phytochemical & Pharmacological Activities of Croton Bonplandianum (Euphorbiaceae): Nature Genesis
 Subhadip Bhowmik , Debajit Dewan , Parag Ghosh, Rishov Singha , Ankita Bairagi, Susobhan Mondal , Anjushree Purkait , Kunal Bera, Soumyadip Halder, Nilesh Naskar
Pages: 1478 - 1486
Aphakic Refraction Method – A Novel Approach
 Dr Chandana Kakati, Dr Sewali Das
Pages: 1487 - 1488
Prevalence Of Foot Pain & Its Correlation With Various Heel Heights Among Health Care Professionals
 Dr. Milind Kahile , Dr. Neha Deshmukh1 , Dr. Chaitali Neve , Dr. Amol Malkhal Padwal ,S.S.Khedkar, Dr. Parikshit Muley
Pages: 1489 - 1494
 Niramon Phuengtammadech, Warunee Hayimasalae, Jariyaporn Masawat and Vichit Rangpan
Pages: 2423 - 2435
 Phrakru Khositwattananukul , Chaiyasit Udomchokenamorn and Sanya Kenaphoom
Pages: 2436 - 2442
Analysis of the Impact of Social Media on the Present Education System
 Dr. Namita Chawla, Dr. Nirvikar Katiyar
Pages: 2443 - 2454
 Prabodh Chandra Mondal , Hasanuzzaman Biswas , Imran Khan , Rajkumar Maitiand Dhruba Kumar Mahata
Pages: 2455 - 2464
Mathematical Modelling And Analysis On Green Inventory Model With Shortage Space For Imperfect Quality Of Deteriorating Items With Trapezoidal Type Demand
 Amit Kumar , Kanchan Joshi , Naveen Bhagat , Neha Punetha , Surendra Vikram Singh Padiyar
Pages: 2468 - 2478
Prediction of Software Defect using FeatureExtraction Technique: A Study
 Bhanu Pratap Rai, C S Raghuvanshi , Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Pages: 2479 - 2492
Crop Diseases Detection Using Image Classificationwith Deep Learning
 Bappaditya Das,C S Raghuvanshi
Pages: 2493 - 2504
A Review on Employing Twin Screw Hot Melt Extrusion Technology for The Enhancement of the Solubility Profile of Poorly Aqueous-Soluble APIs
 Praveen Halagali , Mohit Angolkar , Mohan Shivanagouda Patil , Sakshi Devhare , Siva Dallavalasa , Preethi S , Amit B. Patil
Pages: 2505 - 2521
Self-Care Activities and Glycemic Control among Type 2 Diabetes Patients
 Hosnia Mohamed Ragab1 , Ahmed Farouk Elsaid , Samah Ahmed Elayman Abdelaal , Nesma Abd Allah Mohamed
Pages: 2569 - 2580
 Abraham Amal Raj B ,Dr.Mahaveer Kumar Sain ,Dr.Dharmveer Yadav
Pages: 2598 - 2615
Pages: 2640 - 2646
 S. Parimalah,Dr.S.Kanagaraj
Pages: 2647 - 2651
An Indian Viewpoint of The Impact of Covid19 on The Banking Sector
 Mr. Samoon khan
Pages: 2748 - 2752
A Novel Hybrid Image Compression Algorithm for Medical Images
 Anita Raj Kashyap , Dr Arun Kumar Chaudhary
Pages: 2776 - 2790
Overview of Sentinel Node Biopsy and axillary ultrasound in early detection of Breast Cancer
 Anwar Mohamed Mostafa; Nawel Hussein Matar; Ramadan Mahmoud Ali; Hassan Ashour
Pages: 2791 - 2803