Volume 3 No 2 (2005)
Entropy and Syntropy From Mechanical to Life Science
Pages: 88 - 110
Consciousness Model Significance of thought-carrying particles and thought-retaining particles in quantum measurement as well as cognitive problem
 A.U. De and Dhananjay Pal
Pages: 111 - 118
Quantum Electrodynamics and Unified Synaptic Channel in the Identification of Consciousness
 Massimo Bondì1& Manuele Bondì
Pages: 119 - 133
Congenital Programs of the Behavior as the Unique Basis of the Brain Activity
 Alexey V. Melkikh1
Pages: 134 - 148
Ibn al-Haytham and Eye Optics
 Ibn al-Haytham
Pages: 149 - 150